CNN is in ruins after what this presidential candidate just did

Nikki Haley

The major news outlet is in trouble. Their ratings are a complete disaster.

And CNN is in ruins after what this presidential candidate just did.

One more Republican presidential primary debate is slated to take place in Iowa before primary voting begins.

CNN will host the debate, but recent developments may cancel it altogether.

Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley (R) hasn’t committed to appearing in the debate, making Florida Governor Ron DeSantis the only confirmed attendee.

“Since the RNC pulled out of the debates, many new offers have come in. We look forward to debating in Iowa and continuing to show voters why Nikki is the best candidate to retire Joe Biden and save our country. That debate should include Donald Trump,” said Olivia Perez-Cubas, a Haley spokeswoman, on the reasoning why the candidate hasn’t fully committed.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) and businessman Vivek Ramaswamy are not expected to qualify for the debate based off criteria set by CNN.

And with Donald Trump refusing to participate in any of the debates thus far, DeSantis would indeed be the only person present, forcing CNN to axe the event.

Haley’s possibly skipping out on the debate comes after she was the subject of multiple attacks from DeSantis and Ramaswamy at the last Republican primary debate.

Nikki Haley also expressed her disapproval of Trump not debating, when speaking with local Iowa news station, KTIV.

“When it comes to President Trump as well, I think he’s going to have to get on a debate stage here in Iowa because you’re fighting for Iowans’ votes. I think he’s got to sit there and do the groundwork,” the former governor said.

“You can’t have an election and not appear on a debate stage in front of the people who are going to be voting for you.”

While it’s understandable that Haley and her campaign are looking at other debate options now that the RNC isn’t involved, it’s not a good look for her to dodge CNN’s scheduled debate with DeSantis as a confirmed participant.

DeSantis’ campaign has noted this, with spokesman Bryan Griffin saying, “Ron DeSantis has accepted every major debate and won each of them,” while also mentioning that the Florida governor’s victory at the latest debate “caused Nikki Haley to shrink into the backdrop” according to RealClearPolitics.

“After that loss, it is no wonder why Haley has failed to confirm she will join Ron DeSantis on the debate stage in Iowa and New Hampshire next month.”

As for CNN, they were hoping this debate would help boost their ratings.

But instead, they may not have one at all, leading them to fill the time slot with their usual radical-Leftist programming that’s unwatchable.

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