CNN on the verge of shutting down after this ratings disaster

CNN ratings

The liberal media outlet is self-destructing. They can’t seem to connect with the average American who doesn’t want to be force-fed a Leftist agenda.

And CNN is on the verge of shutting down after this ratings disaster.

May 13-19 was one of the worst weeks for CNN.

That was the week in which they received their worst primetime ratings among viewers aged 25-54 since 1991.

1991 was over 30 years ago, and George H.W. Bush was the president at the time. So basically, CNN hit a historic mark that they never wanted to hit.

According to a Nielsen report, just 83,000 people in the 25-54 age demographic tuned in to primetime shows on CNN between Monday and Sunday of the May 13-19 week.

CNN’s primetime shows take place from 8 pm to 11 pm.

The first show of the evening is Anderson Cooper’s AC360. The next show is Kaitlan Collins’ The Source. The final program of the primetime slot is CNN NewsNight with Abby Phillip.

When all demographics are added up, Nielsen reported that only 494,000 people tuned in that week.

In comparison to other news outlets, CNN is well below par.

Fox News was able to bring in 186,000 viewers in the 25-54 age demographic for their primetime programs. MSNBC brought in 111,000 viewers.

A spokesperson for CNN doesn’t seem concerned over the poor ratings, however.

They told the New York Post that ratings among the 25-54 age group are “growing year over year,” and CNN is “registering double-digit year-over-year growth in viewership.”

But the numbers don’t lie. The Leftist media outlet’s ability to constantly shove their radical agenda down viewers’ throats is hurting their credibility.

They’re usually bending over backward to try and find ways to criticize former President Donald Trump or conservatives in general.

And according to ratings, Americans are fed up with that tactic.

CNN’s new CEO Mark Thompson has also not been helping the network’s cause, as he’s been criticized for his leadership tactics in trying to advance CNN.

“We don’t believe news is just politics,” Thompson said, according to the New York Post.

“Business and tech are news. Climate and weather are news. Health, wellness, and living longer are news. So, expect to see us build new branded verticals in all these areas on TV, on our apps, and across our other platforms.”

Thompson and CNN better figure something out quickly, or else CNN will get to a point where they’ll never recover.

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