Congress sent a letter to the White House accusing Biden of this crazy crime

President Biden’s past is catching up to him. And he’s not going to like the consequences.

Because Congress has sent a letter to the White House accusing Biden of a crazy crime.

Over the past few months, the Biden administration has taken some heat for failing to secure the safety and freedom of several American hostages that are stuck in enemy states like Iran and Russia.

Most recently, the Biden administration has been trying to strike a deal with Iran to free five Americans in exchange for $6 billion in sanctions being lifted on the terrorist state.

Foreign policy experts are critical of this approach because it may set a poor precedent that the American federal government is more than willing to negotiate with terrorists to secure the freedom of American hostages.

The timing of their attempts to strike a deal with Iran regarding the American hostages is interesting given that the Biden administration has also been in talks with Iran about its nuclear programs.

White House officials have said multiple times now that the deal they are trying to strike to free the American hostages is completely separate and has nothing to do with their talks with the Iranian state involving its nuclear capabilities.

That, may not be true, according to U.S. Representatives in Congress who are raising questions as to whether the Biden administration is breaking a 2015 law called the Nuclear Agreement Review Act.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee sent the White House a letter, signed by Michael McCaul, House Majority Leader Steve Scalise, and Elise Stefanik that they have “concern” that the Biden administration is lying about the two deals they are working on with Iran being totally separate.

They note that Iran has suddenly started to slow down their uranium enrichment processes, which just so happened to start right when the news of America entering into a deal with Iran to free American hostages in exchange for $6 billion was announced.

“Taken together, this strongly suggests your Administration has contemporaneously brokered a $6 billion prisoner deal and a nuclear ‘understanding’ with the regime that are inextricably linked,” the letter reads.

They note that this would be a violation of the law that Congress passed in 2015 that is still on the books even if the Iran deal from 2015 is not totally in tact today.

“This would be a clear violation of your Administration’s legal obligation under the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015 (“INARA”; 42 U.S.C. 2160e), which requires you to submit any ‘agreement related to the nuclear program of Iran’ requiring U.S. action ‘regardless of the form it takes…” their letter continues.

Furthermore, they even lob the accusation that the Biden regime may be guilty of helping Iran keep its nuclear program under the radar, thus putting America and the rest of Iran’s enemies at risk.

A “deal or understanding with Iran that does not permanently and completely halt Iran’s nuclear enrichment raises concerns that your Administration is entrenching an Iranian nuclear program that threatens U.S. national security,” the Representatives allege.

U.S. national security intel has found that Iran has been enriching uranium past the 60% point, which is what is necessary to start getting enough enriched uranium to build capable nuclear weaponry.

Iran themselves has alleged that they have enriched uranium into the 80% range, which would mean they are super close to having a capable nuclear bomb or warhead to be attached to another weapon apparatus.

In the letter from Congress, the Republican representatives point out that Iran may already have enough nuclear material to build a bomb and that the Biden administration allowing Iran to continue slowly enriching uranium does nothing to secure the safety of the world.

They say that Iran “enough fissile material to make two nuclear weapons and could field a nuclear weapon within several months should it decide to do so.”

“Reducing the rate at which Iran is stockpiling 60% enriched uranium does not significantly change this threat, particularly as Iran continues to install advanced centrifuges.”

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