Damaging news out of this blue state could mark the end of Joe Biden’s campaign

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Biden enjoyed healthy victories in numerous blue states in 2020. But that may all be coming crashing down after this latest report.

As damaging news out of this blue state could mark the end of Joe Biden’s campaign.

Democrats were filled with glee when former President Donald Trump was handed a guilty verdict at the end of his sham hush money trial in New York several weeks ago.

But they’re likely to be just as disappointed when they find out that Trump’s polling numbers haven’t taken a hit at all as a result of the verdict.

In fact, the former president seems to be performing well in the polls, and if the election were held today, he would likely win the presidency.

And to make matters worse for the Left, President Joe Biden could very well lose this deep blue state in this year’s presidential election.

According to a Star Tribune/MPR News/KARE 11 poll that was released on Monday, Biden leads Trump in Minnesota by just 4% in a three way race between himself, the former president, and independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The margin of error for the poll is ± 3.5%.

More specifically, the survey has Biden at 45%, Biden at 41%, and Kennedy at 6%.


Minnesota has voted for the Democrat candidate for president every time in the past 50 years.

This would be a monumental upset if Trump is able to carry the state.

The former president lost in Minnesota in 2016 to Hillary Clinton by just 1.5%.

But in 2020, Trump lost the North Star State by a little more than 7%.

“Biden’s lead over Trump is driven largely by a 45-point advantage in Hennepin and Ramsey counties,” Ryan Faircloth of the Star Tribune said.

“Trump leads everywhere else, including in other counties of the Twin Cities area, where he was up 12 percentage points.”

Ramsey and Hennepin counties include parts of the large cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, which would make sense as to why Joe Biden is performing well there.

But take away those larger cities, and President Biden’s lead shrinks.

This poll comes at a time when Joe Biden’s approval ratings have hit a massive low.

If Minnesota is in play for Donald Trump and the GOP, then that could pave the way for other blue states to be flipped as well.

It’s time to start sweating if you’re Joe Biden and the Democrats.

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