Dan Bongino exposes a Biden family secret you won’t want to miss

Hunter Biden

As a former secret service agent under Obama, Bongino has had his share of run-ins with Biden. Now he’s telling all.

And Dan Bongino exposed a Biden family secret you won’t want to miss.

The Biden White House made headlines last week after a suspicious white powder was discovered that turned out to be cocaine.

Now everyone is asking the question, whose is it?

Well, Dan Bongino has a few ideas that many conservatives have already had.

Dan Bongino, a conservative talk radio commentator and former Secret Service agent, believes the question of who snuck cocaine into the White House is far from a whodunit.

The discovery was made late Sunday in the West Wing of the building, where President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden dwell.

The drug, subsequently proved to be cocaine, was found in the library, according to an original dispatch report, but officials later stated the cocaine was located in a “cubby” where guests who tour the property put their cell phones and other personal things.

“There’s absolutely ZERO chance anyone other than a family member brought that cocaine inside the White House complex,” Bongino said Wednesday.

“No chance that would make it past the mag/security checkpoints. Family bypasses those.”

Hunter Biden’s struggles with cocaine and crack addiction are widely documented, both in his memoir and on the laptop he left in a computer repair shop in Wilmington, Delaware, five years ago.

The laptop is littered with gruesome photographs of Hunter Biden smoking crack and frolicking with prostitutes, as well as several communications in which he looked to be arranging drug trades.

Bongino was not the first former White House official to dispute the administration’s shifting narrative and blame it on Hunter Biden. Insiders, according to Ari Fleischer, who served as Bush’s press secretary.

“You have got to be kidding me,” Fleischer tweeted.

“Cocaine was found at the WH and authorities aren’t saying exactly where it was found. If it’s the Old Executive Office Building, it’s likely staff. If it’s the mansion, it’s likely Hunter. Reporters do your job.”

Bongino, who worked as an NYPD officer in the late 1990s before joining the Secret Service for a 12-year term that ended in 2011, is well-versed in the inner workings of the White House.

He was on the presidential detail for both George W. Bush and Barack Obama. He has written many books, hosted a Fox News television show, and maintains a daily podcast and radio broadcast after leaving the military.

President Biden spent the holiday weekend at Camp David and returned on Tuesday in time to view the fireworks from the Truman balcony with Hunter Biden.

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