Democrat arrested for violently attacking top Republican Congressman

Representative Gaetz

The Left is escalating their violence. And no one is safe, no matter how high up they are.

And this Democrat was arrested for violently attacking a top Republican Congressman.

Ever since Democrat politicians gave the radical mob free license to commit political violence during the 2020 BLM riots, they’ve hit the ground running.

Now they’re starting to attack some of the most influential Republicans in the country.

And over the weekend, a lady was arrested in Florida for allegedly assaulting Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) at an event that the congressman was attending with his wife.

In a statement issued Tuesday afternoon, the Walton County Sheriff’s Office verified the claim, adding that deputies “responded to an incident at an event in Miramar Beach Saturday involving Representative Matt Gaetz.”

“A 41-year-old Tallahassee woman, Selena Chambers, was arrested after it was found she intentionally threw a glass of wine at Representative Gaetz after shouting obscenities at him,” police said. “She was charged with battery on an elected official and issued a $1,000 bond. She was released the following day.”

Chambers, according to Gaetz, is a “registered Democrat and self-described member of the ‘Resistance.'”

Gaetz later issued a lengthy video statement in which he stated that it was festival season in Northwest Florida, which he defined as centered on seafood, art, culture, and wine.

“This past Saturday, my wife Ginger and I attended the South Walton Beaches Wine & Food Festival at Grand Boulevard in Sandestin in Walton County, Florida, and we were enjoying catching up with new friends and old, and folks recognized me and so we were taking pictures and having polite conversations,” he said.

“And as I was chatting with one gentleman, a lady threw a drink on the both of us, and she was promptly arrested.”

According to Gaetz, the Walton County Sheriff’s Office moved promptly, preventing the confrontation from escalating.

“And I want folks to know why we press charges in circumstances like this,” he said.

“It’s quite alright for folks to let their voice [be] heard with an opinion or a comment, folks can shout and scream all they want. This is America, and people ought to be able to say what they believe, what they desire, even offer criticisms or critiques of people in public life.”

“But if we start allowing stuff to be thrown or hurled, if we allow people to be harmed, there is a severe risk of escalation and accident, and we don’t want to see anyone in harm’s way, whether it’s family members, supporters, or even our detractors, we want them to be safe, too,” he continued.

“But when they really cross the Rubicon, beyond just words, to throwing stuff, and striking me and striking a gentleman I was speaking with with a drink, well, then that really has caused harm to our community and it’s something that we want to contain and extinguish and not see going forward.”

Gaetz said the suspect as a “left-wing author,” who was “very obsessed with Donald Trump.”

“And she began — engaged in something called resistance expression,” he said.

“And I’m quoting directly from one of our works here, ‘resistance is expression that can take a physical form.’ She’s also a donor to the Joe Biden presidential campaign, as she talked about her emotional turmoil following the 2016 election, and just going through some of the stuff she’s written, it is really bizarre.”

“She writes about feminist surrealism, and I had to review what what that entailed,” he added. “And she says that women need a surrealist survivor kit. And it needs to include psychoanalysis, mythology, memoirs, Sadeianism, there’s connections to Wiccan life in some of this, so, very strange.”

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