Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom suffered a humiliating defeat

gavin newsom

Newsom’s state of California is home to some of the most radical leftist policies. They’re causing major problems for the Golden State.

And Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom suffered a humiliating defeat.

Gavin Newsom prides himself on having California be the most LGBT-friendly state in the country.

For the last seven years, California has had a travel ban that doesn’t allow government-funded travel to states that have supposed anti-gay laws.

Many of these laws are commonsense legislation that is intended to protect women and minors from a radical LGBT agenda.

“Most of the so-called ‘anti-LGBTQ’ legislation covered issues such as protecting women’s sports from transgender competitors who were biologically male; restricting transgender drugs and surgery for minors; and reinforcing the use of traditional male and female bathrooms, rather than allowing transgender people to choose either option,” Breitbart reports.

During the seven-year span, the ban applied to a third of U.S. States.

The travel ban has made life difficult for many parties that need state funds for important travel.

Even strong LGBT supporters were in favor of axing it.

After much complaint from his constituents, Governor Newsom gave in and signed Senate Bill 447 into law which shut down the ban.

Newsom has been quick to call out alleged discrimination in other states, from pro-life laws to anti-gay legislation.

He considers himself a prominent member of the Democrat party, leaving some to wonder if he’s considering a bid for the White House in 2024. Newsom has repeatedly shot these rumors down.

But his status in the party was unable to help him save the travel ban.

Even the far-left and pro-LGBT city of San Francisco ended it’s own set of bans to red states because of how costly they were.

Gavin Newsom’s failure to follow the state’s travel bans have also drawn ire from the Californian public.

Earlier this summer, the Governor broke his own rule and traveled to Idaho to fundraise for President Biden.

A year before, Newsom broke the ban again for a personal vacation in Montana.

The typical hypocrisy from Newsom is why Americans have such distrust for their leaders in government.

But now that the ridiculous travel ban has been begrudgingly ended by Governor Newsom, maybe he can enjoy more vacations to conservative states.

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