Democrat Senator admits to betraying America with a thoughtless slip of the tongue

elizabeth warren

The Left likes to paint itself as the part of the people. Almost always, they have ulterior motives.

And now a Democrat Senator admitted to betraying America with a thoughtless slip of the tongue.

How many times have you seen politicians throw their arms up in the air and pretend they aren’t able to fix problems they caused?

It’s basically a daily occurrence with the Biden administration.

Specifically at the border, Biden and his comrades have said they can’t stem the flow of illegal aliens coming into the country unless Congress acts.

Obviously, that is patently false. We have immigration laws on the books and Biden, as chief executive, is tasked with ensuring those are enforced.

Instead, the tap stays on and America continues to be flooded.

Republicans everywhere have been saying this is intentional. They want to pack in as many illegal aliens into this country as they can before they try for a mass amnesty.

And now even the Democrats are admitting that’s exactly what they’re doing.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) stated over the weekend that Democrats support a “pathway to citizenship” for the millions of illegal aliens who have entered the United States.

Warren made the statements during a Sunday ABC News “This Week” interview with Martha Raddatz when asked about President Joe Biden’s failures on immigration and border security.

“We need a pathway to citizenship for people who are here, for spouses, for dreamers, for essential workers, for people who serve in our military, for people who come to school here and want to help make this a stronger country,” she said.

Warren blamed Republicans for the catastrophe that Biden created on the US southern border when he took office and overturned all of former President Donald Trump’s border policy.

Raddatz compared the amount of illegal aliens that entered the United States under Biden, which some estimates put at more than ten million, to the two million who entered during Trump’s first term.

“What did the president do wrong?” Raddatz asked.

“No, this isn’t about what the president did wrong,” Warren claimed.

“Remember, on the very first day that he was sworn into office, President Biden asked Congress both for the resources and for comprehensive immigration reform. The Republicans blocked it, blocked it, blocked it, blocked it.”

Raddatz fired back: “Donald Trump didn’t have that either, Senator. He didn’t have that either, and there were 2 million during his entire term.”

Raddatz also stated that voters overwhelmingly trust Trump over Biden when it comes to immigration and border security.


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