Democrats are fuming after what Kamala Harris just said on MSNBC

Kamala Harris

Vice President Harris is an awful politician to say the least. She’s constantly embarrassing the Biden administration.

And Democrats are fuming after what Kamala Harris just said on MSNBC.

Vice President Harris has many similarities with President Joe Biden.

Besides the fact that they both share a radical-Leftist ideology, they both have a bad habit of committing gaffes when speaking on TV or to crowds of people.

The latest example of that happened on a recent episode of MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” when Harris fumbled her words yet again while speaking to host Lawrence O’Donnell.

When speaking on the 2024 election, the vice president said to O’Donnell, “You know, every election cycle we talk about this is the most election of our lifetime.”

“Lawrence, this one is, this one is.”

Yes, you read that correctly. Harris said “This is the most election of our lifetime.”

She didn’t bother to add an adjective before “election,” making her sound even more unintelligent than she already is.

“We are literally talking about people who are attempting to divide our country in the most crude, frankly, and profound way,” she continued.

“We are talking about those who are intent and purposeful to, to attack fundamental freedoms.”

“The freedom to be free from fear of violence and hate…the freedom to just…be. The freedom to just be.”

Kamala Harris sounds like a high school student who is trying to meet the word count for a paper that’s due in just a matter of hours.

It’s almost like she doesn’t even try to prepare herself for any of her speeches or interviews.

Her ramblings continued as she went on with the interview with O’Donnell.

“I have been fortunate and blessed during the course of being vice president to have many situations where it becomes too clear me that there are people…of every age and gender, by the way, who see something about being the first that lets them know they don’t need to be, um, limited by other people’s limited, um, understanding of who can do what.”

Users on the social media platform X, did not mince words when reacting to Harris’ appearance on O’Donnell’s program.

“She might be worse at speaking than Biden,” one user said, with another adding, “Sorry, I tried listening but my stomach churned.”

You can watch her absurd ramblings below:

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