Democrats smacked with election misconduct report that’s raising everyone’s eyebrows

Joe Biden

Elections have been under question more than ever. This news is only going to make that worse.

Because Democrats were just smacked with an election misconduct report that has everyone worried.

In the 2020 election, mail-in ballots became a major point of contention, with millions of Americans voicing their concerns about just how secure an election can be if a major chunk of the voting public is staying at home and voting with no election officials present before they stick a ballot in the mail.

The Democrats and the Big Media outlets were all adamant that mail-in voting is extremely secure and that nothing could go wrong. They even insisted that it’s just as secure as voting in person with an election official present while you cast your ballot.

Any disagreement with this notion wouldn’t be tolerated by the Fake News Media talking heads and the Democrats who were just beyond ecstatic that Donald Trump was going to be leaving office in January of 2021. Even today, you’re not allowed to question the narrative that mail-in ballots are a reasonable way of carrying out an election.

But new concerns are coming to the surface about mail-in ballots after news of election misconduct has rocked a Biden-favorable labor union.

The House Committee on Education and the Workforce released a report on Thursday highlighting widespread mismanagement, misconduct, and procedural irregularities within the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), particularly regarding its expansion of mail ballot elections.

Since November 2020, when the NLRB broadened regional directors’ authority to order mail-in elections due to COVID-19, there has been a decrease in voter turnout alongside an increase in institutional and integrity issues such as employee interference, inappropriate solicitation, and lost or void ballots.

In one case, a mail-in ballot was just shoved under an office door to be counted since there was no one at the office to count the vote. This was a direct violation of the rules and regulations of mail-in voting ballots.

The investigation, prompted by a former NLRB employee’s cooperation with the committee, uncovered instances of misconduct across 15 different NLRB regions and 33 representation cases. Committee Chairwoman Virginia Foxx criticized the NLRB for compromising the integrity of onsite elections, once considered a gold standard, through misconduct that disenfranchised workers.

One case highlighted an NLRB official in Buffalo, New York, allegedly violating election agreements by allowing hand-delivery of ballots, contrary to the requirement for mail-in voting. Similarly, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, an NLRB agent’s promise to deliver a ballot in person potentially jeopardized the secrecy of the vote.

The committee’s request for documents regarding mail ballot elections and misconduct allegations faced delays, with the NLRB’s initial response deemed inadequate. Internal emails revealed instances of ballot tampering and mismanagement, such as altering ballot numbers and sending ballots to ineligible voters.

A separate report by NLRB Inspector General David Berry detailed significant mismanagement in a Starbucks worker election, which adversely affected the NLRB’s mission. Following this incident, Starbucks accused the agency of colluding with unions.

Though these reports are not instances of misconduct in a national election like for a race for President or a race for a U.S. Senate seat, it does raise serious concerns about how secure mail-in ballots can be en masse.

En masse is the key point, too. For all of America’s history, mail-in ballots was not a super huge portion of the way votes had to be counted. Today, the system is overloaded with mail-in ballots.

Just from a logistical standpoint, the election systems that states have in place aren’t prepared to be trying to cross reference dozens of different voting methods like they are now.

There’s mail-in voting, in-person handwritten ballots, “fill-in-the-circle” ballots, computer-based ballots, and more.

It’s simply not surprising that there will be instances of election misconduct when it comes to mail-in ballots considering just how unique it is compared to all other forms of casting a ballot safely and securely.

But the Left doesn’t even want you to question the validity of mail-in ballots, which has some people questioning why. Why embrace a form of voting that millions of Americans are skeptical about and obviously has an inherent flaw of no election official being present for the vote?

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