Devastating blow for Joe Biden all but seals the deal for Trump

joe biden

With a likely Trump v Biden matchup in 2024, the news coverage has been focusing on these two candidates. But now it seems there is nothing more to say.

And Joe Biden has been dealt a devastating blow that all but seals the deal for Trump.

The walls are closing in on Joe Biden’s White House, and a new poll paints a grim picture:

Donald Trump holds a commanding lead in every major swing state, just ten months before Election Day.

This isn’t the average tremor; it’s a political earthquake, and Biden’s grip on power is slipping faster than the Radical Left can keep up with.

Morning Consult’s latest survey is a brutal wake-up call for the Democrats.

Trump leads Biden in Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, and even North Carolina – all crucial battlegrounds where the 2024 election will be decided.

In Georgia and North Carolina, Trump’s lead is so wide, it’s practically insurmountable.

But the pain doesn’t stop there. Biden’s overall approval ratings are cratering faster than a sinkhole under a Trump rally.

His student loan forgiveness promises? More empty than a politician’s promises after election day.

His handling of the economy has been so poor and prices all across the nation are at all-time highs.

And the less said about the Israel-Hamas war, the better – Trump trounces Biden on that front, hands down.

The American people are catching on.

A whopping 51% trust Trump more than Biden to handle the economy, while Biden’s Israel-Hamas approval rating is about as exciting as watching grass grow.

Folks, this isn’t just a poll, it’s a tidal wave of discontent washing over the Biden administration.

And here’s the cherry on top: House Republicans just delivered Biden the ultimate Christmas gift – a formal impeachment inquiry.

This isn’t about a misspelled tweet or an extra scoop of ice cream. This is about Biden’s alleged involvement in his family’s shady business deals.

While Biden’s spin machine churns out talking points about delivering for “young people and Americans of all ages,” the reality is clear:

Biden’s White House is crumbling faster than the Radical Left can prop it up.

Trump’s lead is growing, the economy is sputtering, and impeachment is knocking on the door.

This ain’t just a political race, it’s a fight for the soul of America.

And right now, Donald Trump is leading the charge.

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