Disturbing new video shows Border Patrol being attacked by violent criminals

southern border

The illegal immigration at the southern border has reached new heights. Thanks to the Biden admin, law enforcement is operating in increasingly dangerous situations.

And disturbing new video shows Border Patrol being attacked by violent criminals.

According to video from the Texas Department of Public Safety, Border Patrol agents were attacked by migrants who were attempting to illegally climb over a border wall on the southern border.

The illegal aliens used a rope ladder to try and attempt the climb, but they were met with the federal agents who foiled their plans.

One migrant was able to climb over, but they were arrested. Another individual was climbing down the ladder on the United States side of the border wall, but they were also detained.

When the illegal immigrants’ plan looked to be completely ruined by Border Patrol, one migrant threw sand at the agents.

Another one threw several water bottles according to the video.



The attack by the migrants happened near the Santa Teresa port of entry. That port is located near the border of Texas and New Mexico.

“The video illustrates recent behavior by these groups in the El Paso Sector–throwing rocks, sand & water bottles at responding agents,” the Texas Department of Public Safety said.

In March a more violent incident happened in El Paso, Texas, when 211 illegal migrants were arrested and charged with rioting while storming the southern border.

Those migrants were eventually let off the hook after a judge dropped the charges because he claimed his “hands [were] tied” since the state didn’t provide the appropriate paperwork.

These violent encounters at the border highlight a rapidly worsening crisis at the United States’ southern border with Mexico.

Not only are migrants attacking Border Patrol agents but it’s suspected that individuals on the terror watch list have snuck their way through the border.

All of this is happening on President Joe Biden’s watch.

His inability to properly secure the southern border is causing a record crisis.

Biden and the Democrats on Capitol Hill aren’t that interested with solving the border crisis.

This further proves that they lack an America First mindset.

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