Disturbing video of Joe Biden unveils terrifying health crisis


At 81-years-old, the president isn’t getting any younger. His age has been a concern for many voters in recent years.

And a disturbing video of Joe Biden unveils a terrifying health crisis.

According to a Quinnipiac poll from February, 67% of American voters feel as though President Joe Biden is too old to serve another four years in the White House.

In May, a Yahoo News/YouGov poll showed that 83% of United States citizens are worried about the president’s mental and physical well-being.

And those worries are only going to increase after this video was released on Wednesday.

In the video, Biden is seen having a tough time climbing into a Secret Service vehicle after arriving in the state of Delaware.

“Crooked Joe Biden–who is hardly ambulatory at this point–had a really hard time getting into the SUV,” the Trump War Room X account said in a post where they shared the video of Biden struggling with getting himself into the vehicle.

This clip of Joe Biden comes in the wake of White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre saying that videos of the commander-in-chief committing physical gaffes are “cheap fakes” and are posted in “bad faith.”

Of course anyone who’s actually been paying attention knows that almost all of the videos of Biden falling over or committing verbal miscues are indeed real.

Trump’s campaign even used Jean-Pierre’s term, “cheap fake,” to poke fun at the 81-year-old Biden by giving it a definition of their own.

“Cheap fake, (noun) any video of Joe Biden’s cognitive decline that the Biden administration does not want the public to see,” their definition read.

Who can forget the time when President Biden fell off his bike that was completely stopped?

Does the White House claim the video of that incident is doctored and a “cheap fake?”

Or what about when Biden fell while walking on stage during a graduation ceremony for the Air Force Academy?

These incidents of Biden stumbling or straight up falling aren’t isolated. And they certainly aren’t fake like the White House would like you to believe.

Joe Biden simply does not have the physical and mental fitness of someone who should be serving in the Oval Office.

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