Donald Trump exposes CNN for this shocking scheme involving Joe Biden

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Trump and CNN have been at odds for almost a decade now. The former president can’t stand the Leftist bias that the mainstream media outlets provide.

And Donald Trump has exposed CNN for this shocking scheme involving Joe Biden.

After some pleading by former President Donald Trump, President Joe Biden and Trump are scheduled to have two debates this year.

The first one will be on June 27 and will be hosted by CNN.

The next debate will be hosted by ABC News.

But Trump has now revealed new information regarding CNN’s initial negotiation concerning the debates.

While appearing on the Impaulsive podcast last week, the former president alleged that CNN asked about both him and Biden sitting down to do the debate.

“On CNN, they wanted it to be seated, which I didn’t like. I said, ‘We should stand,’ and I think we won that point,” Trump said on the podcast.

“But I would have agreed to whatever I had to agree to because they didn’t want to do it.”

As the interview progressed, host Logan Paul was given a 10 minute warning.

That led Trump to ignore the warning so that they could talk longer.

“I’ll be in trouble with my people like Biden says, I don’t have that problem. Well, first of all, he would never – he couldn’t do this interview. Have you asked him questions like this?” the former president asked.

Both Paul and his co-host, Mike Majak, said that they hadn’t spoken with Biden, but then said that they’d be open to interviewing him.

“You know what chance you have of getting him on? I’d say less than 1%,” Trump said in response.

Donald Trump makes a good point about Joe Biden not appearing on Paul’s podcast.

The president has held a shockingly low number of press conferences and interviews during his time in the White House.

Many suspect that it’s his staff’s way of hiding him from public scrutiny.

And can you blame him? He’s constantly making humiliating gaffes that have people questioning his mental fitness.

Not only that, but Joe Biden has been known to have some physical gaffes as well, like when he tripped up the stairs of Air Force One several times.

Maybe that’s why CNN asked Donald Trump if he and Biden could do the debate sitting down.

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