Donald Trump is fearing for his life after being asked this haunting question

Donald Trump

The former President has been asked many things throughout his political career. But nothing as jaw-dropping as this.

And Donald Trump is fearing for his life after being asked this haunting question.

Former President Trump decided not to participate in Wednesday night’s Republican Presidential Primary debate.

Instead, he did an interview with Tucker Carlson that aired on X (formerly Twitter).

The interview was viewed by over 200 million people.

In the 45-minute discussion with Trump, Carlson asked a series of tough questions, but none as tough as this one.

“It started with protests against you, massive protests, organized protests by the Left, and then it moved to impeachment twice and now indictment. I mean, the next stage is violence” Carlson stated.

“Are you worried that they’re going to try and kill you? Why wouldn’t they try and kill you, honestly?”

Donald Trump was sure not to mince his words in his response.

“They’re savage animals. They are people that are sick, really sick” Trump said.

“You have great people that are Democrats…But I’ve seen what they do. I’ve seen the lengths that they go to.”

The former President also used Carlson’s question as an opportunity to go after former Attorney General Bill Barr.

Trump said that Barr “should have gone after them” but also continued to drop the hammer on radical leftists in America.

“These are people that…I think they hate our country. You want to know the truth.”

Donald Trump also felt Barr’s actions or lack thereof, were on par with how he generally operated as Attorney General.

For example, he mentioned Barr’s failure to investigate the 2020 election.

“Bill Barr didn’t do an investigation on the election fraud, either, OK? He said he did, and he pretended he did, but he didn’t.”

With the 2024 election right around the corner, radical extremists from the Democrat party are sure to become even more unhinged.

That can only create more worry for Trump as he runs for a potential second term as president.

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