Donald Trump launches a crazy attack on a major ally

Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump takes loyalty very seriously. When he feels betrayed, he pounces on the betrayer.

But Donald Trump has launched a crazy attack on a major ally because of a simple mistake.

Former press secretary of the White House during the Trump administration, Kayleigh McEnany, has found a ton of success in her air time at Fox News.

The former Trump official does well to balance sticking true to her conservative base while also maintaining a level-head in discussing the news.

Donald Trump, apparently, doesn’t agree.

Recently, Kayleigh McEnany reported on Fox News that Donald Trump was up on Ron DeSantis by 25 points in a poll of Republican voters.

Donald Trump took issue with this. Why? Because he says that he’s actually up 34 points, not just 25.

He took to his Truth Social account to put Kayleigh McEnany on blast for this, saying that he’s actually up 34 and not 25.

He called her Kayelight “milktoast” McEnany and said that the “RINOS” and “Globalists” can take her, implying that she’s now somehow a globalist.

As other outlets have pointed out, it’s not quite clear what poll McEnany and Trump were referring to.

An Emerson College poll has had Trump up over DeSantis by as many as 42 points among the Iowa Republican voters.

Trump arguing that McEnany was off by nine points seems to make little sense because there are plenty of polls out there that have different results.

Also, there’s no argument that McEnany is trying to “tear” down Trump by trying to make it appear like Trump isn’t ahead by as much as he could be.

Trump has faced some criticism from within conservative circles for his attack on McEnany on his Truth Social account.

Chip Roy, a very well-respected House Republican, appeared on Fox News to discuss the pending debt ceiling “deal” that McCarthy and Biden have verbally agreed to.

Roy said to Kayleigh McEnany that the deal was “pretty milquetoast” and then added, “if that word might mean something to you.”

He was clearly referring to Donald Trump misspelling “milquetoast” by saying “milktoast.”

Regardless, Trump commands a ton of power in the 2024 Republican primary for President at the end of the day.

But he should likely be careful with how much he goes after fellow conservatives because he may be alienating allies.

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