Donald Trump made a surprise announcement that left everyone stunned

donald trump

Politics are like a game of chess. And Trump just declared “check mate.”

And Donald Trump made a surprise announcement that left everyone stunned.

The first Republican Presidential Primary debate has come and gone.

While the debate had its highlights, the most notable story from it was that former President Trump was not present.

Instead, he decided to appear in an interview with Tucker Carlson that was posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) the night of the debate.

Trump felt as though there was nothing for him to gain by attending the debate, especially since he is so high in the polls.

But now it seems as though he has a change of tune.

In a recent interview with Todd Starnes, the former President was asked about whether or not he would reconsider debating with his fellow Republican candidates.

“I might. I mean, you know, it’s possible. I liked debating. I guess I won because of the debates” Trump said.

“You know, they’ve been very good to me. So I might. But at this moment, I’m leading by so much that it seems to be foolish to do it.”

Some are wondering if Trump changing his mind is due to a new poll that came out which showed him slightly dropping.

According to the Washington Examiner, “A predebate poll showed Trump garnering 56% of Republican support, but in the wake of the debate, his support decreased to 50%.”

Donald Trump was quick to denounce the polls, saying that people cherry pick which polls show him not performing as well.

“They’ll pick one poll where if you go down a little bit, they’ll use that one poll, but they won’t use 15 polls or a lot of the polls where you go up. But we’ve gone up very substantially, and we’ve gone up in just about every state” Trump said.

A source close to Trump also believes he might only skip the first two debates because they’re hosted by Fox News.

“A source familiar with Trump’s thinking said the decision applies to only the first two debates, which are affiliated with Fox News and Fox Business” NBC News reported.

“The source declined to rule out the possibility that Trump may change his mind.”

It’s true that the former President enjoys debating.

And if he were to join future debates, it would become must-see television for the voters watching at home.

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