Donald Trump makes unexpected statement that put RINOs on high alert


The second RNC presidential debate was on Wednesday evening. And the after-effects have been all over the news.

And Donald Trump made an unexpected statement that put RINOs on high alert.

The Trump campaign has called for an end to Republican debates, calling the second debate “boring” and “inconsequential.”

The debate was widely criticized by viewers and pundits alike.

It was marked by personal attacks and interruptions, and it did little to illuminate the candidates’ positions on the issues.

In a statement released after the debate, Trump campaign senior adviser Chris LaCivita said that the debate was “a waste of time” and that “it’s clear that the only way to defeat Joe Biden is to unite behind President Trump.”

LaCivita also called on the Republican National Committee (RNC) to cancel any future debates.

“The RNC should put an end to any further primary debates so we can train our fire on Joe Biden,” LaCivita said.

The RNC has not yet responded to LaCivita’s call. However, some other Republican candidates have also expressed concerns about the debates.

It is unclear whether the RNC will cancel any future debates.

However, the Trump campaign’s call to end the debates is a sign of the growing frustration among Republicans with the primary process.

The Republican primary is expected to be a crowded and competitive race.

It is unclear how many candidates will participate in the remaining debates.

However, it is likely that the debates will be a major focus of the Republican primary.

The second debate came and went with name-calling, insults, and criticism, but nothing of importance was said in the entire debacle.

The American people want to know what the RNC and the candidates are planning to do about the state of the economy, border crisis, and Joe Biden’s radical policies.

Yet, many voters do not feel the debate made things any clearer for them.

Trump’s call for not holding a third debate is one that many Americans and even some candidates are getting behind.

It seems clear what the results will be, and Trump is leading in the polls but such a large lead that it appears none of the other candidates have a chance to challenge him.

Americans deserve a stronger RNC that will take the needs of the people seriously instead of focusing on “boring” and “inconsequential” debates.

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