Donald Trump threatens to shut down this major media corporation

donald trump

The former president has had enough of the biased media in this country. He’s putting his foot down.

And Donald Trump threatens to shut down this major media corporation.

According to reports from National Public Radio (NPR) Senior Editor Uri Berliner, NPR has 87 registered Democrats on their staff that work in an editorial capacity.

They don’t have any Republicans, however.

Berliner, who aligns more with the Left, has come out against the way NPR has reported on several controversial topics such as Hunter Biden’s laptop, the COVID “lab leak theory,” the 2016 Russian collusion hoax, former President Donald Trump, and Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

Former President Donald Trump unsurprisingly has also opposed NPR’s Leftist bias that they frequently use when reporting on key issues. And now he’s calling for them to be defunded completely.

“NO MORE FUNDING FOR NPR, A TOTAL SCAM! EDITOR SAID THEY HAVE NO REPUBLICANS, AND IS ONLY USED TO ‘DAMAGE TRUMP,'” the former president said last Wednesday in a post on Truth Social.


According to, taxpayer dollars have helped fund NPR by almost 11%.

But if Trump’s calls to defund them entirely come to fruition, then that could be the end of NPR altogether.

In 2023, the media outlet announced that they had to lay off 10% of their workers since they didn’t earn enough revenue.

NPR’s audience has also become more Leftist over the years according to Berliner.

In 2011, the “audience tilted a bit to the left” but “still bore a resemblance to America at large,” Berliner said.

He detailed how at that time, 26% of NPR listeners were conservative, 23% were “middle of the road,” and 37% were Leftists. But by 2023 those numbers had changed quite a bit.

11% of listeners were conservative, 21% were “middle of the road,” and 67% were Leftists.

“When I suggested we had a diversity problem with a score of 87 Democrats and zero Republicans, the response wasn’t hostile. It was worse. It was met with profound indifference,” Berliner stated.

“I got a few messages from surprised, curious colleagues. But the messages were of the “oh wow, that’s weird” variety, as if the lopsided tally was a random anomaly rather than a critical failure of our diversity North Star.”

It’s a pleasant surprise to see someone in the media speaking out against a Leftist bias, especially considering that person (Berliner) is a Leftist themselves.

But it speaks to an overall problem that the higher-ups in these media organizations don’t care at all that there’s a bias towards Democrats. In fact, it almost seems encouraged.

That’s why Donald Trump has been so adamant to hold the media accountable ever since he began his first run for president back in 2015.

And it doesn’t look like he’s going to stop going after them anytime soon.

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