Donald Trump was stunned by this decision from a federal judge, which he never anticipated

Donald Trump

In an effort to clear his name of yet another witch hunt that the FBI and DOJ have been conducting against him, Donald Trump has gone on the offensive.

Everyone has been anticipating the court’s decision. And a federal judge’s decision came as a complete surprise to Donald Trump.

Millions of Americans, from both political extremes, agree that the raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home was, at best, ill-advised and driven by politics.

At worst, it was a calculated and flagrantly illegal action taken by Deep State figures to keep Donald Trump from ever stepping foot in the White House. This action also establishes a dangerous precedent for the way American politics will be conducted in the future.

The latter is becoming more more likely as new information about the attack comes to light every day.

Donald Trump allegedly tried to hinder the FBI and DOJ’s investigation while illegally in possession of federally-classified documents, according to the FBI and DOJ.

But according to Donald Trump and his attorneys, he never had any sensitive documents at Mar-a-Lago since he declassified them while he was president.

Even the FBI and DOJ are unsure of the precise crime Donald Trump committed.

But Trump’s detractors are ready to lock him up and toss away the key, including the political establishment, intelligence agencies, and the Fake News Media.

By requesting a special master to independently analyze the documents the FBI and DOJ claim to have recovered, Trump’s attorneys had a sneaky move up their sleeves.

Numerous self-proclaimed “experts,” said that since the special master was “unnecessary.” no judge could possibly approve of it.

They were shocked to learn that US District Judge Aileen Cannon had given the case’s special master approval.

Bloomberg states

Cannon, 41, agreed with Trump’s lawyers that investigation of the former president needed additional “safeguards” because he faced greater risks than ordinary citizens…

Cannon held that a special master could determine whether Trump had valid claims of executive privilege over some of the documents. The Justice Department had argued that a former president couldn’t assert executive privilege against the sitting president, but Cannon found that wasn’t settled law.

President Donald Trump appointed Judge Aileen Cannon in 2020.

Naturally, the extreme Left is protesting, saying that she is just doing Trump a favor in exchange for her appointment.

But there isn’t even a shred of evidence for that.

She refers to the privileges that President Trump enjoys as an American citizen.

She also adds that given his high profile, he is entitled to a fair examination with additional “safeguards” as Bloomberg points out.

A special master never struck anyone who isn’t a statist lackey as being an absurd concept.

Only those who want to imprison Donald Trump as soon as possible would find it absurd.

The probe is currently virtually on hold, so those hasty Trump detractors will have to make do.