Ex-Republican candidate shocks the nation by making a comeback in the presidential race

Tim Scott

The 2024 race is becoming unpredictable. Even the savviest political insiders can’t predict what will happen.

And an ex-Republican candidate shocks the nation by making a comeback in the presidential race.

As more and more candidates drop out of the Republican primary, it’s time for Donald Trump to start thinking about making his final decision for his running mate.

The former President has given some hints in the past but won’t reveal who his vice president will be just yet.

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) and former candidate for the 2024 presidential race, has had his name come up in rumors as a potential VP pick for Trump.

And during an interview on a Sunday episode of CNN’s “State of the Union,” Scott did not shoot any of those rumors down.

“Senator, when you were with Donald Trump in New Hampshire on Friday, some people in the crowd were chanting VP. Would you like to be Donald Trump’s running mate?” host Dana Bash asked.

“The only thing I want is four more years of Donald Trump with a Republican majority in the Senate, majority in the House, and the White House so that poor kids who are today growing up in neighborhoods like I grew up in have a chance for quality education. I want kids to look to the future and believe that America it’s their oyster,” Sen. Scott responded.

“They can have whatever they want. That’s what I really want. If I can help achieve that through my endorsement by being on the campaign trail and my home state of South Carolina for the next four or five weeks and they beyond, that’s the goal.”

“If you don’t think about yourself, but think about the country first, we’ll be in good shape.”

“That wasn’t a no. That door is wide open?” Bash said in response to Scott’s answer.

“Well, Dana, you can take it any way you want. My goal is to do one thing. It’s always going to do the same thing,” Scott said.

“Make America and Americans believe in our future in the way that we do not today.”

Could Sen. Tim Scott be Trump’s next vice president?

He certainly left the door open in his interview on CNN on Sunday.

And some are speculating that changes in his personal life, like getting engaged recently to his girlfriend, are his way of tying up some loose ends before he becomes Trump’s next running mate.

Scott has also been hitting the campaign trail with Trump after he gave his endorsement to the former president.

But as for now, it looks like the Trump camp is going to be tight-lipped on who his vice presidential pick will be.

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