FBI caught in secret plot to take down former President Donald Trump

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The federal government and its agencies detest Trump. He’s anti-establishment which is everything they stand for.

And the FBI was caught in a secret plot to take down former President Donald Trump.

In the latest development in the Mar-a-Lago documents case, special counsel Jack Smith has urged the judge to reject former President Donald Trump’s motion to dismiss the case. Trump’s motion, filed in early June, claims the FBI destroyed vital exculpatory evidence during its 2022 raid on his Florida estate.

Smith’s filing, submitted Monday, countered Trump’s allegations. He stated that during the execution of the search warrant, the FBI turned off the CCTV servers at 9:55 am for safety concerns but resumed recording at 10:20 am under the direction of Trump’s attorneys. Independent journalist Julie Kelly highlighted this timing in her reporting.

Smith’s filing emphasized that during the recording pause, the cameras still provided a live feed, which some Trump Organization personnel monitored. Before the cameras were turned off, DOJ attorney Bratt attempted to contact a Trump attorney, succeeding on the second try. The search began at 10:33 am.

The filing detailed the search process, noting that a team of agents and Evidence Response Team (ERT) members set up a workstation outside the storage room to examine the boxes.

Smith explained that if a team member found a document with classified markings, it was removed, segregated, and replaced with a placeholder sheet. Initially, preprinted classified cover sheets were used until they ran out, after which blank sheets with handwritten annotations were utilized.

ERT photographed the documents next to the boxes in which they were found, according to the filing.

In Trump’s office, agents found various items, including loose classified cover sheets and documents marked classified. An FBI agent reviewed these materials, finding no potentially privileged items but identified classified documents, which were then photographed.

Trump’s team had argued that the prosecution destroyed evidence supporting Trump’s defense. They claimed that the alleged classified documents were mixed with Trump’s personal effects, suggesting he lacked knowledge and intent regarding the documents. Trump’s attorneys accused the prosecution of prioritizing media staging over preserving evidence, alleging agents did not maintain the order of documents or take adequate photographs.

The filing also noted that Filter Team members, who conducted the initial search, were supposed to document and photograph the location of classified documents.

However, Trump’s attorneys claimed that the Filter Team made minimal effort to maintain the order of documents within each box.

Previously, Trump called for Smith’s arrest, accusing him of evidence tampering. Following the release of court documents from Smith, Trump posted on Truth Social, “ARREST DERANGED JACK SMITH. HE IS A CRIMINAL!”

From the start of many of Trump’s legal cases, it all seems rigged against him.

As Trump’s lawyers suggest, the FBI and the Filter Team seemed almost uninterested in upholding the order of the evidence at Mar-a-Lago. And why did they feel the need to cut off their cameras?

Democrats want to use the Justice Department and federal agencies, like the FBI, to basically paralyze him and prevent him from winning the 2024 presidential election.

Unfortunately for them, they’re getting called out for their weaponization of the Justice Department.

Many Americans can see right through their unethical schemes and tactics.

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