Fight breaks out at this GOP candidate’s headquarters

ron desantis

Tempers are flaring at one Republican’s camp. And it’s worse than you think.

And a fight broke out at this GOP candidate’s headquarters.

During a strategy meeting last week, two advisers for the main super PAC supporting Gov. Ron DeSantis’ (R-FL) presidential run almost came to blows, according to reports. The Florida governor is attempting to undercut former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley’s rise in the polls.

The Never Back Down super PAC’s leadership met last Tuesday to determine a course forward as Haley gained traction in early voting states.

According to NBC News, the meeting supposedly went so badly that two guests had to be restrained from fighting.

“You have a stick up your ass, Scott,” Jeff Roe, the top consultant for the super PAC, was quoted telling longtime DeSantis confidant Scott Wagner, who sits on the PAC’s board.

“Why don’t you come over here and get it?” Wagner responded by rising from his seat.

Wagner was then restrained by two of his other board members.

The incident, which campaign and super PAC representatives declined to comment on, occurred amid rising tensions over the Florida governor’s fledgling campaign, which has struggled to gain traction in the face of former President Donald Trump’s continued dominance of the field and Haley’s recent polling surge.

While DeSantis has maintained his advantage in Iowa, Haley has gone ahead of him in New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Meanwhile, Trump maintains a consistent lead over the entire field.

While the presidential election in 2024 appears to be a nail-biter, the two primary elections are currently blowouts.

According to a recent Fox News poll, former President Donald Trump has the support of a record 62% of Republican primary voters.

This equates to an approximately 50-point difference between Trump and Ron DeSantis (14%), as well as Nikki Haley (11%).

Vivek Ramaswamy (7%), Chris Christie (3%), and Asa Hutchinson (1%), on the other hand, lag far behind.

According to Fox News polling, Trump is the preferred Republican nominee in 2024. (According to a Fox News poll)

Sen. Tim Scott’s candidacy was suspended in the middle of the survey, therefore the 3% he got was redistributed to his supporters’ second-choice candidates.

Prior to the reallocation, DeSantis had 13% and Haley had 10%.

In addition to Scott, those who have dropped out since the Fox News poll in October include Larry Elder, Will Hurd, Perry Johnson, and Mike Pence – but their exits have had little impact on the campaign given their lack of support.

President Joe Biden leads the Democratic primary voters with 72%, considerably ahead of Marianne Williamson (13%), and freshly elected Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips (3%).

Nonetheless, Biden’s job performance rating is 40% approve and 59% disapprove. That is the same as his previous low from July 2022.

More people “strongly” disapprove (43%) than “strongly” approve (17%). In the previous month, 41% approved and 58% disapproved.

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