Fight breaks out on air between two Leftist MSNBC hosts during deranged rant

Joe Scarborough

Liberal media outlets are just made for entertainment purposes at this point. There’s no factual reporting going on at any of these so-called news outlets.

And a fight breaks out on air between two Leftist MSNBC hosts during a deranged rant.

MSNBC hardly ever reports on anything that’s negative towards President Joe Biden and the Democrats.

But there are some subjects they can’t avoid talking about on the Leftist news outlet.

Special counsel Robert Hur’s investigation on Biden’s mishandling of classified documents is one of those subjects.

And while reporting on it, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe’s” Joe Scarborough was incredibly angry at how he felt Biden was being treated during the investigation.

He got so angry in fact, that he used profanity in his rant against Hur and the investigation.

Scarborough’s co-host and wife, Mika Brzezinski, had to try and physically stop him from continuing to speak, fearing that he may say some more explicit things that could lead to their show getting in major trouble with the network.

“I wonder what, uh, pasture he will walk off into?” Scarborough asked of Hur as he started his rant.

“Just kind of wander off and say, ‘You know, Joe Biden, I noticed he didn’t really tie his tie well. His tie knot suggested that maybe he has arthritis in his left thumb.”

“Where are you going with this?” Brzezinski asked her husband.

Scarborough then went off on Hur, who concluded in his investigation that Biden is an old man who has very poor memory and partly because of those things, should not face any sort of criminal charges for his alleged mishandling of the classified documents.

“I’m just saying this guy says such random s***,” Scarborough exclaimed.

“Oh – Joe, stop!” Brzezinski frustratingly said while trying to cover his mouth with her hand.

“Oh, he’s a kindly old man who could not remember his son’s birthday,” Scarborough said while pretending to speak as Hur.

“Like, he wandered off into a pasture, here, and, you know, maybe Arnold the pig led him there?”

“I don’t know exactly, like does he hope he gets a judgeship? I think he does – I think he hopes he gets a judgeship if Donald Trump gets elected again. He’s trying out because he humiliated himself with that display,” Scarborough concluded.

MSNBC reporter Jacqueline Alemany then made an appearance on air which led Brzezinski to say, “Let’s go to her, and hopefully, she will not have a foul mouth.”

Leftist news hosts can’t bear to report on anything negative about Joe Biden or any Democrat for that matter.

But when their hand is forced and they have to address the negativity, they resort to giving an unhinged rant which involves using profanity on live TV.

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