Former Democrat drops the hammer on Joe Biden after Trump verdict

Tulsi Gabbard

Donald Trump’s conviction sent shock waves around the world. It’s shed light on the Biden administration’s weaponization of the justice system.

And a former Democrat dropped the hammer on Joe Biden after Trump’s guilty verdict.

Former President Donald Trump’s guilty verdict has caused absolute chaos in the United States.

While Leftists are celebrating the ruling, Republicans are greatly angered with how America’s justice system was manipulated to convict a former president.

But one former Leftist has realized just how shameful the conviction was and has called President Joe Biden out for it.

Not only that, but they allege that Biden is the guilty one instead.

Former Democrat Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (HI) blasted the president for being guilty of abusing his power, among other things.

Gabbard, who was once a Democrat and is now an independent, posted on X, “Biden: GUILTY of abuse of power. Biden: GUILTY of turning our country into a banana republic where those in power use the law to go after their political opponents. Biden: GUILTY of undermining our Constitution and the freedoms guaranteed therein.”

“Biden has proven he is unfit for the office of the presidency.”

Tulsi Gabbard is rumored to be one of the many candidates that Trump is considering as his vice president. Other candidates include, Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL), Govs. Doug Burgum (R-ND) and Ron DeSantis (R-FL), and Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC).

When asked during an appearance on The Rubin Report earlier this month if she would be willing to be the former president’s running mate, Gabbard answered “yes.”

“If that call came, I would say yes, and I’d be honored to serve my country in that way and to be in a position, first, to help win this election, to stop the Democratic elite from destroying our country, and then actually begin the real work of getting our country back on track.”

In 2020, the former congresswoman ran for president and faced off against Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination.

But now she’s facing off against him in a different way, this time by alleging his guilt for abusing his power as commander-in-chief. And can you blame her?

Gabbard’s comments on X about Biden could very well increase her favor in the eyes of Donald Trump.

That could also lead to her being a front-runner for his next VP.

Either way, Tulsi Gabbard, like many Americans, are sick and tired of how the Biden administration has used the justice system to persecute their political opponents.

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