Former Democrat official makes an admission about Joe Biden that left heads spinning

Donna Brazile

The Left is starting to turn on the president. They’re panicking that he may not be able win reelection this fall.

And a former Democrat official makes an admission about Joe Biden that left heads spinning.

Donna Brazile, the former chairwoman for the Democratic National Committee, made an appearance on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday to discuss President Joe Biden and some of the strategy decisions he faces.

Brazile said that Biden should “speak out more” but also noted that “nobody listens” when he does speak in public.

When asked by ABC if the president should make more statements in public about the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East, Brazile said, “Absolutely.”

“Not just in Israel, Ukraine – we are a superpower. He is the commander in chief. Absolutely he should speak out more,” she continued.

Brazile then decided to bash the media for how they cover comments that are made by Biden.

“And also, we should cover what he’s saying because often when he speaks, nobody listens,” she said.

Maybe nobody listens because when Biden does speak, he often has nothing substantial to say. Not only that but he has an awful habit of lying about personal anecdotes and matters regarding policy.

And he rarely interacts with the media and the press compared to most presidents that came before him.

Political scientist Martha Kumar has detailed that since before President Ronald Reagan, no president has participated in less press conferences than President Biden has.

He’s also held less formal sit-down interviews than the last six presidents in the same time frame of being in office.

Biden has given just two prime-time Oval Office addresses thus far, and the last one came in October of last year when he asked Congress to pass legislation that would give $100 billion in aid to Ukraine, Taiwan, and Israel.

Paul Begala, a Democrat strategist, also expressed similar comments as Brazile back in February when he said that Biden should be in front of the cameras more even though he has the ability to commit gaffes.

“I want to see more Joe Biden – the gaffes are built in,” he said while appearing on CNN.

And as clueless as Biden seems about most things, he’s at least aware that his staff isn’t always fond of him speaking off script in front of cameras.

He’s said before in public statements that he’ll get “in trouble” for taking questions that aren’t authorized by his aides.

Biden has even asked members of his staff if he’s allowed to “take a couple of questions” while addressing reporters in a public space.

So has Donna Brazile not been present during Biden’s presidency thus far? If even his own staff doesn’t want him talking all that much to reporters than maybe that’s a sign that it’s best for Democrats that the president keeps his mouth mostly shut.

Of course Republicans are more than willing for Joe Biden to continue making gaffes and in turn hurting his chances at reelection.

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