Former Kamala Harris official delivers the VP an ominous warning about a threat she can’t ignore

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Being a politician isn’t for the faint of heart. Menacing situations can lurk at every corner.

And a former Kamala Harris official delivers the VP an ominous warning about a threat that she can’t ignore.

At this point, it’s anyone’s guess who former President Donald Trump will pick to be his running mate in the 2024 presidential election.

However, Trump has released a short-list that has a wide variety of potential candidates on it.

One of those candidates is Senator J.D. Vance (R-OH).

If Vance is selected as Trump’s running mate, he would likely face Vice President Kamala Harris in a vice presidential debate.

Harris has agreed to debate whoever Trump picks as his VP, but the Trump camp has yet to accept the offer.

But a former official for Harris is worried that Vance poses one of the biggest threats to her in a potential debate.

Ashley Etienne, a former communications director for the vice president in 2021, recently said on CNN that, “J.D. Vance would … pose the greatest threat to Kamala Harris in some respects. I mean, he’s an incredible debater.”

“I think he has this quality that makes him seem palpable to that 1 to 2% that actually might vote or that, you know, that’s undecided that will actually pay attention to the debates because most people don’t pay attention to the debates.”

“I think he’s just got a quality about him where he’s just super smart and sharp and quick-witted. I just think … it’s going to be a challenge to see the two of them face-to-face. I mean, maybe it’s just me, but I think he’s going to be the greatest threat to her.”

Before Etienne discussed Vance and his debate chances against Harris, CNN’s Laura Coates asked her about a report from The New York Times that said that sources state that former President Trump is using future debate execution as criteria when picking an individual to be his running mate.

Etienne wasn’t aware of that report, but offered her analysis of it, saying, “It says to me that to some degree that they think that she’s somewhat of a threat. I mean, she’s a former prosecutor. She spent time in courts defending her clients and defending the interests of California.”

“So, to me, it says, you know, that he might be slightly nervous.”

Donald Trump is expected to pick his VP around the time of the Republican National Convention in July.

According to reports, his campaign has sent documents to potential candidates for vetting purposes.

Those candidates include Sens. Tim Scott (R-SC), J.D. Vance, Tom Cotton (R-AR), Marco Rubio (R-FL), Gov. Doug Burgum (R-ND), and Reps. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) and Byron Donalds (R-FL). Ben Carson, a former Cabinet member under Donald Trump, was also sent documents.

That list of potential running mates is “fluid and evolving,” according to reports from the Associated Press.

And while J.D. Vance would certainly give Vice President Harris a run for her money in a debate, the other candidates listed above would also likely perform well against the VP on the debate stage.

Kamala Harris’ bad habit of spouting out word salads, as well as her lack of any sort of political savvy, would be the main reasons why she would fall flat on her face in a debate against the Republican vice presidential candidate.

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