Fox News just sold out Donald Trump with this epic backstab

Donald Trump

Fox News used to be the conservative movement’s go-to source for news. Those days are long gone.

Because Fox News just sold out Donald Trump with this epic backstab.

One of the most shocking stories of 2023 has been the fall of Fox News from the good graces of conservatives.

Early this year, it was announced that Dan Bongino, a beloved conservative host was severing ties with the network.

Bongino said the split was amicable, so it didn’t raise anyone’s alarms.

But then Fox suddenly canceled Tucker Carlson’s primetime show, the most-watched conservative news show on cable.

Without any indication as to why, the network then tried to force Tucker into silence by claiming their contract with him prohibited him from producing other content.

Of course, we all know how that worked out. Carlson has moved to X (formerly Twitter), releasing episodes of hard-hitting conservative journalism and opinion.

This was a lesson for conservatives. Never trust the media, even when they say they’re you’re friends or have your interests at heart.

Now Fox has gone far off the deep end as they go for Donald Trump’s jugular.

On Monday, Fox News Chief Political Analyst Brit Hume labeled former president Donald Trump a failed president.

Hume’s condemnation came in reaction to a video from conservative commentator Charlie Kirk, who said that people dislike Trump because of his success as president.

“If Trump was such a failed president, why are they doing everything they possibly can to prevent a second term of Trump?” said Kirk.

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe they don’t want a repeat of a failed presidency. Just guessing here,” responded Hume.

Hume did not specify what he meant by “failed presidency.”

While the former president has certainly had his share of conservative critics over the years, only the most vociferous Never Trumpers referred to his presidency as “failed,” given his foreign policy and Supreme Court appointments, which resulted in the repeal of Roe v. Wade and racial preferences in college admissions.

In any case, Hume did not expand, and his remark sparked a huge backlash.

“Cheap gas, more and better jobs, no new wars, stable inflation, growing investment accounts, less red tape… Yeah, such a failure,” said one user.

“All you’ve done is reveal your disconnect with average people, and highlight how Trump was only bad for DC insiders like yourself, Brit.”

Hume’s remark comes after the former president told Breitbart News that he would most likely not debate on Fox News.

“I don’t know that I should be doing it, to be up against a hostile network with hostile people that are polling at zero. I mean, they don’t have any votes. One of them had actually a zero with an arrow pointing left. I’m trying to figure out what that means. It probably means they have too many votes, you know, like the election. But they’re at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, maybe—and I’m in the 60s. I see a poll the other day…I’m at 78, and you have people at zero,” Trump said.

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