Fox News went up in flames when a Special Forces officer shared the truth about Joe Biden

Michael Watlz

There’s been serious consequences of Joe Biden’s foreign policy disasters. The Biden admin is trying to hide it all.

But all hell broke loose on Fox News when a Green Beret shared this truth about Joe Biden live on TV.

The Republican Rep. Michael Waltz from Florida criticized President Joe Biden’s foreign policy on Saturday following Iran’s launch of drones toward Israel.

Michael Watlz himself served in the military as well-decorated Green Beret for the U.S. Army and even remains a U.S. Army National Guard Colonel. He’s also the first Green Beret to become a member of Congress.

Waltz condemned Biden for his approach to Iran, stating that it has given Iran the opportunity to escalate tensions. He characterized the current Middle East policy as a disaster, contrasting it with the achievements during the Trump administration. Waltz highlighted what he sees as a mistake in Biden’s strategy, emphasizing appeasement and a failure to confront Iran’s actions effectively.

“There is no other way to describe the Obama-Biden Middle East policy except as a dangerous disaster,” Waltz shared during his appearance on Fox News. “I mean, this is an utter calamity. Just a few years ago, under President Trump, ISIS was destroyed, Iran was broke and on their back foot and we had the Abraham Accords, and look where we are now.”

He criticized the administration for not renewing sanctions on Iran’s drone and missile program and failing to enforce oil sanctions. Waltz expressed concern over the perceived weakening of support for Israel and the apparent leniency towards Iran. He concluded by suggesting that a change in leadership is necessary for the United States to regain respect and deterrence from its adversaries.

“I think the fundamental mistake, the fundamental underpinning, has been an appeasement strategy from the Biden Administration that is so focused on what they called de-escalation that it has signaled to the region, and certainly to Iran, that they have room to push, that they can achieve their goals as the Biden administration continues to try to appease and back away and that’s been reinforced,” Waltz continued.

“Just last year we refused to push the UN to renew sanctions on Iran’s drone and missile program. Now, they are literally flying towards Israel.”

Waltz went on to criticize Joe Biden for allowing Iran to continue to spur on their economy by engaging with China and Russia. Meanwhile, he’s given Israel the cold shoulder every step of the way since October.

“We have not enforced the oil sanctions, 90% of their oil is being sold to China. We have backed away from our greatest ally, Israel, very publicly,” Waltz went on to say.

Furthermore, Waltz argues, Joe Biden is letting Iran get away with crimes left and right and emboldening the Iranian radical terrorists to try and get away with more and more. There’s now, with Joe Biden as commander-in-chief, little to worry about coming back in the way of consequences.

“And by the way, we spent the last couple of years begging Iran to get back in to an Iran deal using Russia as an intermediary, and the lead negotiator is now under investigation by the FBI for some type of traitorous activity towards Iran. The list is so long that Iran clearly thinks it can get away with this and sees this as an opportunity.”

Lastly, Waltz pleaded with the nation saying that America absolutely needs someone else as the head of the U.S. military other than Joe Biden.

He said that he cannot wait for the election, saying November “can’t come soon enough,” then said that the nation needs to have someone who will command “respect and fear” from anyone who seeks to contradict the interests of America and her allies.

You can watch the clip of Waltz on Fox News below:

Joe Biden’s approval ratings were already extremely poor for an incumbent President just one summer away from the election cycle where Americans will decide whether they want to give him a second term in office.

Currently, Donald Trump is leading Joe Biden in the vast majority of national survey polls which bodes well for him because the electoral college is certain to be in his favor by carrying many “fly-over states” that Joe Biden is hopeless to win.

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