Gavin Newsom caught up in a scandal that could end his career

gavin newsom

The Leftist governor has come under fire recently. And it could shorten his time in politics.

As Gavin Newsom has been caught up in a scandal that could very well end his career.

Last Monday, California had a new minimum wage law go into effect, which mandated that fast-food establishments pay their employees at least $20 an hour.

The law received criticism nationally as many predicted that prices would rise at many of these restaurants because of the higher costs to pay employees.

And now Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) is under even more heat after it was found that a restaurant he has part ownership of has a job opening for $16 an hour.

The restaurant, PlumpJack Cafe, is looking for a part-time position for a busser who “will aim to assist the food server … to ensure guest satisfaction during all aspects of the dining experience,” according to a job posting on ZipRecruiter.

The job posting explains how the busser will make money from tips in addition to the $ 16-an-hour salary.

Despite Newsom having ownership in PlumpJack Cafe, he doesn’t involve himself in daily operations of the eatery since he put it in a blind trust after he was elected as California governor back in 2018, according to his office.

“He has no role in any of the holdings that may be held by the blind trust,” a Newsom spokesperson told the New York Post.

PlumpJack does not meet the requirements for the new minimum wage law, however, since it’s not a major chain that has limited table seating or 60 or more locations across the United States.

However, the part-time busser position for a restaurant that serves steak that’s priced at close to $70, will make less than someone who works at a McDonald’s.

That’s what’s led to Newsom being deemed as a hypocrite.

He expects fast food places to pay their workers more than someone who works at a nicer establishment like his PlumpJack Cafe.

“I wonder why [Gov. Newsom’s] food businesses don’t pay $20/hour? Live job posting at $16/hr in Olympic Valley. It’s very, very expensive to live there… but he doesn’t do as he tells other and doesn’t pay a living wage,” Joe Patterson, a Republican California Assemblyman said in a post on X.

According to the New York Post, fast food restaurants are already seeing price increases in the Golden State.

A Texas Double Whopper mean at a Burger King in Los Angeles increased from $15.09 to $16.89 since the new minimum wage law went into effect, according to The Post.

That 12% price increase is a reason why Republicans in California are nervous that jobs may eventually be lost by restaurants who can’t afford to pay their workers $20 an hour.

But that doesn’t seem like a concern to Gavin Newsom, who doesn’t have to worry about laying off staff since his restaurant isn’t affected by the harmful new wage law.

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