Gavin Newsom is being ripped to shreds over this boneheaded comment

gavin newsom

California is a cesspit. You can thank Governor Gavin Newsom for the complete collapse of the state.

And now Gavin Newsom is being ripped to shreds over this boneheaded comment.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has been mulling a run for the White House for months now.

He sees that Joe Biden is incompetent and failing. Now he wants his shot at the limelight.

One of the ways he’s been trying to set himself apart is through positioning himself firmly to the Left of Biden.

He formed a state reparations committee which recommended giving $1.2 million to every single black Californian.

And now he’s making an outrageous claim about all Republicans.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom slammed Republicans on social media Thursday after some parents in his state objected to a gay pride event at a high school, claiming that the “far right” was attempting to “eradicate the existence of minority communities.”

“There is a full-throated purge effort going on here by the far-right that we have not seen for decades,” the California Democrat posted on Twitter Wednesday.

“They are on a boycott binge and cancel crusade, trying to eliminate the existence of minority communities.”

Newsom was replying to a report about a burned Pride flag discovered in a plant pot at a North Hollywood, California, elementary school in late May after parents opposed to a Pride celebration for pupils on June 2.

The Los Angeles Police Department stated that the incident is being investigated as a suspected hate crime.

Saticoy Elementary School, according to reports, will hold an event Friday that will include an assembly for pupils as well as a film that claims, “some kids have two mommies, some kids have two daddies.”

Some parents are advising other parents to keep their children at home on that day.

According to a May story in the Los Angeles Daily News, the school serves a large population of Hispanic and Armenian families with conservative values who stated on Instagram that they “don’t feel this material is appropriate to teach to the children.”

“Burning Flags. Banning Books. We have seen this before,” Newsom said. “And it’s happening everywhere, all across the country. Woke has become just another a dog whistle.”

“We must continue to call out hate when we see it, as they keep trying to normalize it. If we go silent, this will only get worse. We cannot become numb to this,” he added.

Many conservatives, like actor Dean Cain, labeled Newsom’s comment, which was viewed over 3 million times, “pathetic.”

“What’s impressive about Gavin Newsom is that he’s one of the most consistently hypocritical and least accurate politicians on the national stage, which is saying something considering the competition from Eric Swalwell is so strong,” Outkick writer Ian Miller tweeted.

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