Gavin Newsom is smacked down by Joe Biden in the most embarrassing way

gavin newsom

Newsom and Biden are apparently strong allies. But that may all be changing.

And Gavin Newsom is smacked down by Joe Biden in the most embarrassing way.

As President Joe Biden is gearing up for election day, he and his campaign are working to rake in funds for his reelection efforts.

That’s led him to take a trip out to California for three days to fundraise.

But before leaving for the Golden State, a reporter asked Biden if purpose of the trip was actually to discuss having Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) replace him as the Democrat nominee for president.

“You’re going to California. Is this about coming up with a Plan B for 2024 – does Gavin need to stand by?” the reporter asked Biden on the White House lawn.

“Are you ready? Well, I’m looking for – I’m looking at you. We’re looking at you,” Biden oddly joked in response to the question.

Governor Newsom has been rumored to be running a “shadow campaign” for the Oval Office in the event that President Biden isn’t able to run for reelection due to mental and physical health concerns.

But despite these rumors, Newsom has made it known that he is fully behind the president in his reelection efforts.

That still hasn’t put any speculation to rest, especially as the 81-year-old president continues to struggle with concerns over his mental acuity.

While answering more questions on the White House lawn before he left for California, Biden was clearly overwhelmed.

“Hey, woah, woah, woah, woah,” he said in an effort to have the journalists calm down with their questioning.

“What I came to tell you was we’d be announcing sanctions on Russia,” Biden then said. “We’ll have a major package announced on Friday.”

A reporter then asked him, “Who would you rather challenge in November; Nikki Haley or Donald Trump?”

“Oh, I don’t care,” the president said before he walked away from the scene.

If that was an attempt from Biden to signal that he’s got a second term in the bag, he’d be dead wrong.

Currently, former President Donald Trump is leading Joe Biden in many of the crucial swing states.

Trump is also ahead in national polls as well.

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