GOP Governor hit Joe Biden where it hurts after making this ruling

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Biden’s policies have been disastrous for America. But this Republican has decided to fight back.

And a GOP Governor hit Joe Biden where it hurts after making this ruling.

In April, President Joe Biden and his administration rewrote Title IX to allow for men identifying as transgender women to be present in women’s spaces in education, such as athletics or even locker rooms/bathrooms.

Title IX was originally put in place in 1972 and it’s purpose was to stop discrimination against women in education and federal programs.

But now the Biden admin has hijacked the law to make it easier for men posing as women to invade actual women’s spaces.

Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R-AR) is putting her foot down against the new radical rewrite of Title IX.

Last Thursday she announced that Arkansas will “not comply” with the new Title IX regulations.

“If Biden gets his way, female college students will shower and change next to male students. Referring to someone using biologically correct pronouns will get you hauled in front of a disciplinary board for harassment. Scholarships previously reserved for women will now be open to anyone claiming to be a woman,” the governor said.

“My message to Joe Biden and the federal government is we will not comply. Last month, President Biden released a ‘reinterpretation’ of Title IX that comes in at an insane 459,000 words. … It’s a document that should scare every woman and man in America.”

“If President Biden threatens our state with loss of educational funding because we refuse to go along with his election-year pandering, Arkansas will take the federal government to court. That’s because this issue goes far beyond a single locker room or missed scholarship.”

Sanders’ pro-women executive order will follow Title IX as it was written before the radical Biden administration changed it.

Other red states like Texas and Oklahoma have put forth similar pieces of legislation to stop Biden’s new Title IX law.

Lawsuits in Alabama, Kentucky, and Louisiana, and Texas, have been filed as a challenge against the new federal law.

Radical Leftists, of course, are losing their minds that Sanders would dare fight back and take a stand for women.

“This act is a stark defiance of laws to protect against discrimination and a clear, aggressive attack on the well-being and freedoms of LGBTQ people in our state,” ACLU of Arkansas spokeswoman Megan Bailey said.

Aren’t Democrats supposed to be the Party that stands up for women and their rights?

If so, it’s pretty hard to tell these days.

Instead of standing up for women, they’d rather defend men pretending to be women who want to infiltrate women’s spaces like bathrooms and athletics.

The Democrat Party’s abandoning of women will cost them. And it may just cost them just in time for some pretty important elections this fall.

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