GOP presidential candidate makes shocking 2024 prediction about Donald Trump

chris christie

Trump’s chances to win the Republican presidential nomination are high. But this politician is banking on something completely different to happen.

And this GOP presidential candidate makes a shocking 2024 prediction about Donald Trump.

Former New Jersey Governor and current Republican presidential candidate, Chris Christie has been at odds with Donald Trump since the 2020 election.

Christie believes Trump should have conceded in 2020 and not fought against the results that led to Joe Biden winning the presidency.

And now he’s predicting that the former president won’t concede if he were to lose any of the GOP primaries.

“Look, no one will expect him to concede. He hasn’t conceded the 2020 election. Who cares?,” Christie said in an appearance on ABC’s This Week.

“The secretary of state of New Hampshire will certify the votes. You’ll get the delegates per the RNC rules, and we’ll move on to the next race.”

“I don’t suspect he’ll ever concede [that] he’s ever lost any election even though he lost primaries in 2016 to Ted Cruz, and he’ll lose primaries this time as well.”

Christie also added that he thinks a third-party run by Trump would be of no concern if he were to lose the Republican primary.

“I think the public en mass will begin to ignore a four-time loser like Donald Trump if he loses this set of primaries. You know, he lost in 2018 in the House, he lost in 2020, in the Senate and in the White House. And in 2022, he led us to more losses in the governorships and in the Senate, and if he loses in 2024 will be a four-time loser,” said Christie.

“I think he’ll go back to Mar-a-Lago. He’ll continue to carp and moan and complain and say we don’t deserve him. Anything that gets him out of this race, and what keeps him out of the White House is fine by me.”

Chris Christie has made it a point to explain how his goal is to keep both Biden and Trump from winning the presidency.

He even predicted that he would win the New Hampshire primary, which is where he’s been spending a lot of time campaigning.

But according to polling data from RealClearPolitics, Christie sits at 11.3% in the Granite State while Trump is at 45.7%.

That means the former New Jersey Governor has a lot of ground to make if he wants his prediction to come true about a possible victory in New Hampshire.

He’s also explained that he has his eyes set on the primaries in South Carolina and Michigan next.

And while Christie has predicted that Trump won’t concede should he lose the GOP primary, that is a far-fetched idea as the former president is polling similarly in many other states as he is in New Hampshire.

In fact, national averages have him at almost 60%.

If these results hold true, it’s doubtful that Donald Trump will have to consider a concession once the Republican primaries have taken place.

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