Greg Abbott just sent Biden a hilarious home state surprise

Republican Governor of Texas Greg Abbott has been ticking off the Left for years. They really won’t like his latest move.

That’s because Greg Abbott just sent President Biden this hilarious home state surprise.

As the southern border crisis rages on, Democrats in Congress and the White House are content to do nothing about it.

Some conservative Republicans are taking matters into their own hands, though.

In recent months, Republicans like Ron DeSantis have been forced to send illegal immigrants to Democrat sanctuary cities to maintain stability in their states.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott was even forced to declare that there’s an invasion at our southern border, a move that really angered the Biden White House.

But Abbott isn’t done with taking action to defend Texans from the southern border crisis.

According to the latest reports, Abbott has sent two more buses of immigrants to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the state where Biden was born and raised.

As part of Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s efforts to send immigrants looking for asylum to cities run by Democrats, a third bus of immigrants from Texas arrived in Philadelphia early on Friday morning, and a fourth one was anticipated shortly after.

This brings the total number of migrants entering the sanctuary city to 81.

About 150 immigrants have been transported to Philadelphia over the past ten days; they will be arriving at the bus station in what Mayor Jim Kenney and his supporters are calling a cheap political gimmick.

The New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia’s co-director, Blanca Pacheco, said organizations are working with the city to provide the migrants with a safe and warm welcome and that the influx has not yet put a strain on immigrant-assistance agencies.

“I think at some point we will talk to the state government to see how can they support us if the numbers become bigger and [more] people are staying here,” Pacheco said Friday.

The migrants who are being transported to Philadelphia have been granted permission to stay in the country while they file applications for asylum with federal courts.

More than 13,000 immigrants, according to Abbott, have been sent to New York, Chicago, and Washington, D.C.

According to migrants questioned by the newspaper, they left after hearing an announcement over the loudspeaker at a border facility in Del Rio, Texas offering them a free passage to the sanctuary towns.

After city officials requested Abbott’s administration to coordinate when sending busloads of people to the city as part of his efforts to send asylum-seeking immigrants to cities led by Democrats earlier this week, the second busload of migrants from Texas arrived in Philadelphia earlier this week, according to ABC News.

Abbott’s busing program is being carried out by the Texas Division of Emergency Management, whose chief Nim Kidd was requested to “uphold a core tenet of our shared profession: collaboration.” in a letter dated Nov. 17 and acquired by ABC.

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