Greg Abbott just signed a bill that set the White House on fire

Greg Abbott

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has become a top enemy of the radical Left. They aren’t going to like what he’s done this time.

Because Greg Abbott just signed a bill that set the Biden White House on fire in rage.

One of the most shameful parts of the modern Democrat Party’s platform is their gender ideology that says gender is a social construct and you can be whatever gender you want.

They even say they are countless genders and countless pronouns you can use to refer to yourself.

You can even make up pronouns, and these are known as “neo-pronouns”.

If you’re eyes are rolling at the thought of this nonsense, don’t worry, millions of Americans all across the country agree with you.

In fact, polls show that now more than two-thirds of Americans believe that gender is defined by your biology at the time of birth. That’s up from the 50% of Americans who believed that about 10 years ago.

That doesn’t stop the radical Left from using gender ideology BS to get what they want on the political scene.

But conservatives in state legislatures and governors’ mansions are drawing a line in the sand saying enough is enough. One such Governor is Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Abbott has signed a bill known as the “Save Women’s Sports Act” that will prevent anyone who is not a biological woman from being able to participate in sports activities that are held in public schools.

This includes both K-12 and college-level sports.

The Washington Times reports:

The legislation, which goes into effect Sept. 1, provides whistleblower protection for those who flag violations. The bill also creates a legal avenue for individuals to sue colleges and universities that allow male-born athletes who identify as women to compete on female teams.

The average American sees this as a win for fairness and justice in our country. We simply cannot have a society that doesn’t understand the differences between biological males and biological females.

But what’s sad is that not a single Democrat in the Texas Senate voted for this bill and only a handful of Texas House Democrats voted for it.

How shameful do you have to be that you don’t want to vote for a bill that is designed to protect women?

Whatever happened to the idea that Democrats were “pro-women” and that conservatives were just a bunch of sexist pigs who want to hold women down at all costs to uphold some patriarchy?

The good part in all of this is that the Left cannot win on this issue. Americans are overwhelmingly rejecting the idea of transgenderism, and that’s just evidenced by poll after poll that show even Democrat voters are getting sick of it.

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