Grim reality of Biden’s decline is now on full display

Joe Biden

Conservatives have long questioned Biden’s mental and physical competence. Now we’re starting to see just how bad it really is.

And the grim reality of Biden’s decline is now on full display.

68 percent.

That’s the percentage of American voters who have concerns about Joe Biden’s mental and physical health impacting his ability to serve, according to NBC News poll.

And over half (55%) say those concerns are “major” concerns.

Even 43% of Democrats say they have moderate to major concerns of his mental and physical health.

And now a report is out that he’s neglecting important presidential duties because he can’t keep up with the pace.

President Joe Biden avoided dining with foreign leaders again this week while in Vilnius, Lithuania, for a NATO event.

“Biden is not attending tonight’s dinner with NATO leaders,” a U.S. official told reporters, claiming that Biden has “four full days of official business and is preparing for a big speech tomorrow, in addition to another day at the summit.”

This is at least the third time in recent months that Biden has turned down the opportunity to dine with world leaders during major events.

“After fatiguing days on the road, he skipped dinner with world leaders in Indonesia last year and again in Japan in May,” The New York Times reported last month.

“Others who have known him for years said privately that they have noticed small changes. When he sits down, one former official said, he usually places a hand on his desk to hold his weight and rarely springs back up with his old energy.”

Throughout his presidency, questions regarding his physical and mental fitness for office have persisted.

Only this week, Biden claimed that the United States was running low on 155mm artillery ammunition after delivering big supply to Ukraine. Later, the government was forced to correct the president.

“The military has specific requirements for the numbers of weapons systems and ammunition we maintain in our reserves in case of contingencies or military conflict,” a White House official said in a statement.

“Everything we send to Ukraine is in excess of that. As a result, the United States is not running out of ammunition.”

Biden has also fallen several times in public, most recently on stage at the United States Air Force Academy graduation ceremony in Colorado Springs.

Biden’s first stumble as president occurred shortly after his inauguration in March 2021, when he tripped numerous times while attempting to walk up the steps to board Air Force One.

Last year, while visiting Rehoboth Beach in Delaware, Biden crashed from his bike.

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