Here’s Donald Trump’s secret weapon against the Manhattan indictments

donald trump

Donald Trump isn’t one to keel over when met with opposition. He will fight to the end.

And here’s the secret weapon Donald Trump will use against the Manhattan indictments.

Anyone who thinks that the indictments that the Manhattan DA office is bringing against Donald Trump is the end of the story simply doesn’t know Donald Trump.

He’s going to fight this until the bitter end, no matter what.

The Democrats are waving this around as a victory that will prevent Donald Trump from ever gaining power in Washington, D.C. again.

At least, that’s what they want to happen. But they might have another thing coming their way.

The political establishment is overplaying their hand and underestimating the support that Donald Trump has from millions upon millions of Americans.

After news broke that the Manhattan grand jury had voted to indict Donald Trump, conservatives came out in droves to support Donald Trump and take a stand against this sham.

House Republican Elise Stefanik (R-NY) was one of the first to release a statement in support of Donald Trump and calling out the indictments for what they are.

Stefanik’s statement called the indictments “unprecedented election interference” from the “corrupt” Attorney Alvin Brag. She said that they will “stop at nothing to presecute Joe Biden’s chief political opponent.”

Her statement also added that now “tens of millions of patriotic Americans” are energized to support Donald Trump.

On an episode of the “Mark Levin Show”, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) said that “today is a sad day for our country” and said that the indictment was the “death of the rule of law.”

He didn’t stop there. He threw the kitchen sink of vocabulary at the indictments saying they are “garbage,” “baseless,” and “frivolous.”

Cruz also said that Alvin Bragg is just a Trump hater who wants to abuse his power to attack Donald Trump as his political enemy.

Tucker Carlson on his Fox News show said that the “rule of law appears to be suspended” in light of the indictments, but not just for Donald Trump.

Carlson added that this is evidenced by the fact that a transgender radical can go take the lives of Christians at a Christian classical school, and Joe Biden and the Democrats will turn it around about how “presecuted” the transgender community is.

Fox News host Tomi Lahren said that this was a “horrible day for our country,” but said that Trump will end up being the Republican nominee for President because of this.

She argued that tens of millions of Americans are going to be energized by this gross injustice to support Donald Trump in his bid to win back the White House from Joe Biden and the Democrats.

Lahren also made a good point about how the Democrats in Manhattan are going to have to explain how their grudge against Donald Trump – who isn’t even in power anymore – is more important to them than helping the citizens of Manhattan.

The fact is that Donald Trump’s secret weapon is the support from millions of Americans that he has that no one else in the political arena can say they have as well.

This could so easily turn around on the Democrats if Donald Trump comes out of this alive.

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