Here’s proof that Dr. Anthony Fauci LIED under oath


Dr. Anthony Fauci has completely fallen out of grace with Americans. He’s been exposed as a fraud.

And here’s the undeniable proof that Dr. Anthony Fauci lied while under oath.

Many Americans were wary of social media censors who were removing messages and adding purported “context” whenever any user questioned the dominant class elites’ narrative during the height of the COVID-19 outbreak.

But their worst fears came true after Elon Musk bought Twitter.

Dr. Anthony Fauci was questioned in 2022 as part of a lawsuit brought by the state of Missouri, which claimed that the federal government had teamed up with Big Tech firms to censor internet content that contested or opposed the so-called “mainstream” viewpoint.

Fauci stated under oath that he was “dissociated from social media” and that he had “never gotten involved in any of that” throughout that testimony.

In addition, he asserted that even if someone paid him to do so, he “wouldn’t know how to access a tweet.”

He was attempting to imply that he was not a participant in any government-run social media initiatives.

Musk stunned the world in December 2022 when he made the Twitter Files public, revealing the cozy alliance between Big Tech and Big Government.

The data revealed all of the ways in which federal agencies interacted with Big Tech firms and the enormous power they wielded.

Following the initial release of the Twitter Files, Musk later hinted at a potentially significant announcement.

Musk shared with his over 130 million followers, “My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci.”

Many well-known users started to wonder what Musk’s obfuscated tweet was trying to say.

Almost five months after that notorious tweet, the proof is just now starting to surface.

According to fresh information revealed by journalist Paul Thacker, Dr. Fauci was actually involved in the government’s social media censorship from the beginning.

Even though investigations are still in their early stages, things are beginning to look unpleasant for Dr. Fauci.

Thacker, a former U.S. Senate investigator who is now a journalist for Substack, has discovered evidence on Twitter that suggests Fauci was participating in the US government’s online censorship during COVID.

According to a Twitter internal report, “Dr. Anthony Fauci did an account takeover for @WHCOVIDResponse.”

An “account takeover” generally refers to someone or something taking over an account to make updates to followers from their perspective.

The tweet was posted in February 2021 and stated that Fauci would “answer questions for the public.”

This means that when Fauci stated in a federal court in 2022 that he had “dissociated from social media,” he was probably lying under oath.

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, which Dr. Fauci oversaw from 1984 until the end of 2022, hasn’t replied to requests for comment on the most recent disclosure.

Anthony Fauci was “involved even if he doesn’t write the tweets,” a medical professor at Harvard University claimed, adding that the most recent evidence is “explosive” and “it seems he lied under oath.”

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