Here’s the photo of Joe Biden that will end his presidency

Joe Biden

Democrats sold Biden to the American people as a squeaky clean guy. Nothing could be further from the truth.

And here’s the photo of Joe Biden that will kick him out of the White House.

While on vacation in Nantucket, Joe Biden happened upon two little girls snapping a selfie in a restaurant.

Biden peered through the window to appear in the backdrop of their photograph.

It was unsettling to witness an 80-year-old man leering through a window at two young children.

And it reminded Americans that Biden earned the moniker “Creepy Joe” for a reason.

Biden has a long history of being caught on tape sniffing young girls’ hair, stroking their shoulders, or otherwise acting inappropriately with them.

Biden has a hard time keeping his hands off young ladies.

When Biden announced his campaign in 2019, Lucy Flores led a parade of women who claimed he forced unwanted kisses, hugs, and other physical contact on them.

Tara Reade, though, made the most serious charge.

Reade worked in Biden’s Senate office and convincingly accused him of sexually abusing her in 1993.

According to Reade, Biden “digitally raped” her by inserting his fingers into her vagina during an encounter in his office.

In August 1993, Reade’s mother called CNN’s Larry King and wondered how her daughter might disclose sexual harassment against a powerful guy.

The media mostly ignored Reade’s testimony and attempted to bury the accusation.

That’s because some Democrats stayed home in 2016 because they couldn’t stand Hillary Clinton aiding Bill by covering up for his predatory behavior toward women.

The corporate-controlled media’s sole purpose in 2020 was to dethrone Donald Trump.

As a result, activists in the press pushed the claims against Biden under the rug in order to keep the election a vote on Trump rather than a choice.

The press did the same thing in covering up Biden’s clear cognitive decline.

But, since polls show that the American people regard Joe Biden as a failed President, would this technique succeed a second time?

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