Hillary Clinton backstabs U.S. ally by doing this one disgusting thing

Hillary Clinton

Clinton can’t help herself. All she seems to do is cause problems whenever she opens her mouth.

And Hillary Clinton backstabs this U.S. ally by doing this one disgusting thing.

Over two months ago, Hamas terrorists launched a brutal attack on Israel.

The terrorists are still holding Israeli hostages, causing their families to be distraught and desperate to have them freed from Hamas captivity.

Former first lady Hillary Clinton met with sixteen children and siblings of these Israeli hostages last Wednesday in New York.

During their meeting, Clinton gave the families advice but also pled with them to pressure the government in Israel to work to free the hostages.

Clinton then decided to attack Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, saying that he only cares about “politics and his personal survival” instead of the wellbeing of the hostages.

“As long as the hostages are not the main and primary target for Israel, then everything that I or President Biden say or do is of little value,” sources present at the meeting reported Clinton saying.

The meeting with the hostages’ families was put together by Israeli graduate students who study at Columbia University.

Hillary Clinton is a professor at Columbia where she teaches at the School of International and Public Affairs.

Caroline Glick, a journalist, caught word of Clinton’s comments while meeting with the families and took no problem with criticizing the former first lady.

“Hillary Clinton used a meeting with the families of hostages being held by Hamas terrorists to attack Prime Minister @netanyahu,” Glick said in a post to X.

“What a revolting, disgusting, low down, dirty thing to do. What a disgraceful woman.”

The Clintons have a bit of a history with Netanyahu. In Israel’s 1999 general elections, then-President Bill Clinton supported Ehud Barak, the opponent of Benjamin Netanyahu’s.

Fellow Democrat and current president, Joe Biden made a critique himself about the Netanyahu during a December 11 Hanukkah celebration at the White House.

Biden told the attendees at the celebration that he and Prime Minister Netanyahu have known each other for 51 years.

But he then said that he wrote a note on a picture of the two leaders that was on Netanyahu’s desk, which read, “‘Bibi, I love you, but I don’t agree with a damn thing you have to say’ – it’s about the same today.”

It looks like Democrats, specifically Hillary Clinton, are contempt with the continual bashing of Israel’s leadership, specifically Netanyahu. And they aren’t afraid to hide how they feel either, even if that means expressing those feelings to families of hostages.

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