This host of The View said the most insane thing ever about Republicans

whoopi goldberg

The hosts of The View are not known for their intelligence. Their collective IQ has to be shockingly low.

And this host of The View said the most insane thing ever about Republicans.

The ladies of ABC’s The View have rarely had anything of substance today.

Their show has lately become anti-Trump and anti-Republican propaganda.

They almost always spout nonsense about how Democrats and President Joe Biden can do no wrong.

Sometimes they’ll try and debate guests that have different viewpoints than them and that usually results in them getting utterly embarrassed on television for all to see.

And other times they just embarrass themselves with their own ridiculous statements.

That was the case yet again when host Whoopi Goldberg and her fellow co-hosts were discussing an abortion ban in the state of Arizona. Recently, the Supreme Court in Arizona made a ruling that put back in place an abortion ban that dates back to 1864.

“I believe a lot of elected Republicans are completely out of step with the sentiment of the country because we’ve seen in Kansas, a very red state, Ohio, and Kentucky that Republicans turned out to protect access to abortion so this is a big win for Democrats I believe in the election,” co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin said.

Then Goldberg chimed in saying, “Take a look at the things that they’re rolling back. Remember I said ages ago, you know, in their minds they want to bring slavery back. They’re okay with it because you see things change – now one of the good things about the Supreme Court is you can fight to make sure you make stuff better. You don’t generally fight to make stuff worse.”

Really Whoopi? Republicans are trying to “bring slavery back?” That’s an absurd statement that only a radical Leftist like her could believe.

She continued with her unhinged rant, saying, “To me, if you’re OK rolling that back, when things were not even a state, when we had no say. So how’s that going to roll? How’s that going to roll? What’s the next thing?”

“Because you know with all of this comes birth control, with all of this comes everything that you need as a woman to have had put in place to make sure that we are doing better than we were before.”

Unfortunately, we’ve heard the whole slavery fear-mongering talking point from the Left before.

In fact, President Joe Biden made a similar sentiment when he was running for a second term as vice president in the 2012 election.

During a 2012 campaign speech in Virginia, Biden told a crowd, which was made up of a large majority of African Americans, that then-Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney would “put y’all back in chains” by unchaining Wall Street.

That comment of course led to a lot of controversy and is one of the many gaffes on Biden’s record.

And who can forget when he told an African American host on The Breakfast Club that if he doesn’t vote for him than he isn’t black.

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