Jill Biden anger issues are revealed in a staggering new exposé

jill biden

Americans thought they knew the first lady. But this report shows that there’s still a lot to learn.

And Jill Biden’s anger issues are revealed in a staggering new exposé.

According to reports from Axios, first lady Jill Biden hasn’t been shy in lashing out at White House aides.

Axios was able to get an excerpt from the not-yet-released book, “American Woman,” which was written by Katie Rogers of the New York Times.

The excerpt from the book explains how there was a press conference two years ago that President Joe Biden held where he made numerous errors.

The press conference went almost two hours and afterwards, Biden and his aides were in the Treaty Room which is his study.

Jill Biden then came in very unpleased with how the whole situation unfolded.

“She had watched the news conference, and the look on her face told everyone in the room – from the president on down – that they had some explaining to do,” Rogers wrote in her book.

And apparently, according to Rogers, the first lady angrily asked, “Why didn’t anyone stop that?”

“Everyone stayed silent, looking at one another, and then at her, and back to one another. That included the most powerful man in the world,” Rogers continued.

“Her husband essentially played along, not offering an answer, even though aides had slipped him a card suggesting he end the press conference.”

Jill Biden was also reported asking the aides, “Where were you guys? Where was the person who was going to end the press conference?”

But even though the First Lady knows how the office of the presidency is “draining him,” according to Rogers, she still is motivated to help Joe Biden win reelection because of how much she despises Donald Trump.

“Her dislike of Trump was a driving reason behind her support for Joe’s campaign for the presidency, and it remains so for his reelection effort, even if that means he will not leave office until age eighty-six at the end of a second term,” wrote Rogers.

So despite Jill Biden acknowledging the fact that her husband is in his eighties and is dealing with the most stressful job in the world, she’d rather him stay miserable while in office just so Trump doesn’t win the presidency.

That doesn’t sound like the most loving wife someone can have.

One would think after his many gaffes the president has had since that January 2022 press conference that she was so bothered by, Jill Biden would talk to her husband about possibly withdrawing from the race and letting someone else take over for him.

But it sounds like her anger with Trump won’t let her do that.

Instead, she’d rather try and push a tired, weak, and old Joe Biden to the finish line.

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