Jill Biden just defiled the White House forever

Jill Biden

It’s not just Joe Biden causing major damage to America every day. It’s also his wife.

Because Jill Biden just defiled the White House forever with this one move.

Polls have shown that since Joe Biden has become President, more Americans than ever say they are not proud to be an American and are ashamed of our federal government’s actions.

The first major cause of that was the outrageous failure of the Biden admin in Afghanistan as they failed on basically every way to complete a safe pullout from Afghanistan.

The Afghani people were left defenseless as Joe Biden committed the hasty exit and as a result, the Taliban took over in a matter of hours.

Furthermore, Joe Biden left military equipment worth billions of taxpayer dollars in Afghanistan for the Taliban to discover and use how they want.

The Taliban even mocked Joe Biden and the American federal government as a whole with videos and pictures they shared using American military equipment.

But it’s not just foreign policy that Joe Biden has been an embarrassment on. And it’s not just Joe Biden, either. His wife is also bringing major shame to the White House.

International Women’s Day was Wednesday, March 8, and this year it brought a ton of attention for all the wrong reasons.

Hershey put out a gross ad that included a biological male claiming that he was a woman, to celebrate International Women’s Day. Many women found this deeply offensive.

But then Jill Biden made it even worse.

The First Lady of the United States quite literally invited a biological male who also claimed to be a “trans woman” to the White House to be given the International Woman of Courage Award.

Alba Rueda, again a biological male, was given the award with 11 other women at the International Women’s Day ceremony.

Breitbart reports:

Alba Rueda is a man who identifies as a woman and is one of 11 “extraordinary women” Biden’s administration honored at an awards ceremony.

First Lady Jill Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken hosted this year’s International Women of Courage Awards ceremony. The ceremony honors “extraordinary women from around the world who are working to build a brighter future for all,” according to the State Department.

This is just another instance of the Joe Biden trying to double down on the “transgender” activism that has seen transgenders take up major roles within the federal government.

Of course, most people on Twitter were quick to point out the obvious that apparently, the Biden administration refuses to admit.

A ton of women voiced their anger about the fact that a biological male was given an award that was supposed to celebrate… women.

This is an embarrassing stain on the White House that will take quite a long time to get rid of in the eyes of millions of Americans.

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