Joe Biden attacked on stage during campaign rally

joe biden

Hitting the campaign trail is difficult for politicians. But this is something Biden never expected he’d have to deal with.

And Joe Biden was attacked on stage during a campaign rally.

As the 2024 election begins to heat up, President Biden and his campaign team have hit the road to try and gather up more supporters.

During one of Biden’s latest stops in Virginia on Tuesday, the president decided to host a “Restore Roe” rally that featured Vice President Kamala Harris, first lady Jill Biden, and second gentleman Doug Emhoff.

Biden appeared on stage and introduced himself as “Jill Biden’s husband.”

That’s when disaster struck.

The president was then met with loud and hostile shouting from a protestor who was yelling “Genocide Joe!”

Biden tried to ignore the protestor by speaking over them as they were removed by security.

But then another protestor got up and started yelling.

“You don’t care about women,” one heckler said. “Women in Gaza are being murdered!”

That’s when the crowd tried to help the president by chanting “Four more years!” and “Let’s go Joe!”

“This could go for a while,” Biden said of thet protestors. “They’ve got this planned out.”

“Genocide Joe has got to go!” were the cries from a 12th protestor near the end of Biden’s speech.

Hecklers just like the ones inside the venue where the rally took place, were continuing their protest of Biden outside of the event.

They demanded that a ceasefire occur in the Israel-Hamas conflict that begun after Hamas terrorists attacked the Jewish nation on October 7.

Currently Biden is working hard to secure votes from pro-abortion supporters. That was evident during his rally on Tuesday.

But at the same time he’s getting bombarded by voters who are angry with his support of Israel in it’s war with Hamas.

This has become a divisive issue in the Democrat Party and it could very well cost them important elections come this November.

So it looks like Joe Biden will have to work overtime to win over the votes of those on the Left who are very much against his stance on foreign policy.

And at 81-years-old, it’s hard to believe that the president is up for working any sort of overtime.

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