Joe Biden collapsed after seeing this shocking photo

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Biden has been trying to hide his shame from the public. Even he couldn’t stop this from getting out.

And Joe Biden collapsed after seeing this shocking photo.

Joe Biden’s failures are too many to list.

One of his biggest sticking points has been foreign policy, where he is edging us ever closer to nuclear war with Russia.

But most have already forgotten about his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan that left thirteen American servicemen dead.

Well…now the Taliban are bragging about everything they gained.

Late this week, Afghanistan’s extreme Taliban regime released images of some of the US military equipment that it captured in the aftermath of President Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The photographs come after Biden’s departure from Afghanistan in August 2021, which left up to $24 billion in weaponry and equipment in the hands of the Taliban.

“300 destroyed vehicles in the 205th Army Corps were restored,” Afghanistan’s Ministry of Defense wrote on Twitter. “As many as (300) types of intermediate military vehicles that were destroyed and unusable were restored and ready for use by the technical team of the Abu Dojaneh Brigade of the Badr Army.”

“Repaired vehicles include 150 International Kamaz trucks,” the statement continued. “125 Arada Humvee, 2 assault tanks, 4 Aradeh Taylor, 10 Aradeh Purcliff, and 15 are Humvee ambulances.”

“It should be mentioned that hundreds of other vehicles have been restored due to the efforts of the engineering and technical teams of the Ministry of National Defense,” the statement said.

“41 different vehicles were repaired in 203 Mansouri Corps,” the statement continued. “In the second brigade of 203 Mansouri Corps, 41 different types of vehicles were prepared for repair and use by the technical team.”

“In these vehicles,” the statement concluded. “Includes (30) Arade Humvee tanks, (6) Arade International vehicles and (5) Arade Ranger vehicles. The commander of the second brigade of the said corps praised the efforts of the technical team, thanked them and added that they will use the repaired vehicles if necessary.”

Naturally, the Taliban’s bragging led to many reactions online:

For an administration that can’t seem to go a day without scandal running through the airwaves, Biden is surely not happy with this photo being let out.

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