Joe Biden collapsed to the floor after being handed this staggering report

Joe Biden

Biden’s frail health and incompetency have made many wonder if he’s able to effectively lead this country. There’s no room for doubt now.

And Joe Biden collapsed to the floor after being handed this staggering report.

President Biden is in the fight of his life. And that fight is with own balance and ability to walk.

His fall at the Air Force Academy’s graduation is just one of countless examples of his struggle to physically function.

If the president can’t seem to get a grasp on his health, then how can we expect him to get a grasp on America’s most important issues?

Well, we have our answer. One of America’s worst crises right now is the open southern border that allows millions to pour across illegally.

And a new report shows just how terribly Joe Biden has failed.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) has released a new study on the number of persons living unlawfully in the United States.

According to the research, there are approximately 16.8 million illegal immigrants in the United States, up from 15.5 million in January 2022. Other organizations have put the estimate in recent years at roughly 11 million, which is the most commonly stated figure.

“This estimate is also a 2.3 million increase from our end-of-2020 estimate, meaning the illegal alien population increased 16 percent nationwide during just the first two years of Joe Biden’s presidency,” the report says.

The Biden administration is now in its third year of dealing with a migration crisis. It has interior ICE enforcement and has repealed a number of Trump-era initiatives, including border wall construction and the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP).

Deportations have decreased, and Republicans have chastised the administration for increasing “catch-and-release” practices that had previously been phased out.

The administration has responded by claiming that it is reconstructing an asylum system that was wrecked by the previous administration, and has recently highlighted tighter border enforcement as well as increased legal avenues.

More than 200,000 encounters occurred at the southern border in May, bringing the total number of encounters this fiscal year to more than 1.6 million. According to the administration, half of those 204,000 were encountered before the Title 42 public health order, which allowed for the fast expulsion of migrants owing to COVID-19, expired on May 11.

FAIR’s analysis defines an illegal alien as “any alien who is present in the United States without legal status, like a valid visa or lawful permanent residence.”

Given the size and location of the group – and the fact that many live at least partially in the shadows – FAIR concedes that precisely calculating the population of illegal immigrants can be hazy and imprecise. Many common estimates rely on Census Bureau data.

“In truth, we do not know exactly how many people cross the border illegally and evade immigration authorities, nor can anyone accurately quantify overstays or gotaways. We can only estimate these figures based on changes in annual census data, along with how many individuals CBP and ICE believe slip through undetected,” the report says.

As per the paper, the increase has been driven by looser border barriers and a post-COVID hiring boost by US companies, as well as Biden policies that have enhanced “pull factors” luring migrants north, such as the use of parole and increasing use of Notices to Appear.

It also mentions limits imposed on Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that are currently being contested in court and have been temporarily halted.

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