Joe Biden froze in fear after Tucker Carlson made this shocking announcement

Tucker Carlson

President Biden made it clear he was happy that Tucker got canned. Now Tucker’s punching back.

And Joe Biden froze in fear after Tucker Carlson made this shocking announcement.

Fox News showed their true colors when they started eliminating strong conservative hosts like Tucker Carlson.

It isn’t about giving the American people the truth about the political world. It’s about ratings.

But Tucker just came out swinging in with one announcement.

Tucker Carlson, former Fox News personality, said Tuesday afternoon that he will launch a new show on Twitter.

Carlson’s declaration comes as allegations circulated in recent days that he had discussed collaboration with Twitter CEO Elon Musk.

Carlson made the news in a video uploaded on Twitter, when he noted how few free speech forums there are left in the globe.

“The last big one remaining in the world, the only one is Twitter, where we are now,” Carlson said. “Twitter has long served as the place where our national conversation incubates and develops. Twitter is not a partisan site; everybody’s allowed here. And we think that’s a good thing.”

“And yet, for the most part, the news that you see analyzed on Twitter comes from media organizations that are themselves thinly disguised propaganda outlets,” he continued.

“You see it on cable news, you talk about it on Twitter. The result may feel like a debate, but actually, the gatekeepers are still in charge. We think that’s a bad system. We know exactly how it works, and we’re sick of it.”

“Starting soon, we’ll be bringing a new version of the show we’ve been doing for the last six and a half years to Twitter,” he concluded. “We’ll be bringing some other things too, which we’ll tell you about. But for now, we’re just grateful to be here. Free speech is the main right that you have, without it, you have no others. See you soon.”


Carlson adds in the video that the media frequently tells the truth but misleads consumers by withholding information that changes the overall story.

“If I tell you that a man has been unjustly arrested for armed robbery that is not strictly speaking a lie, he may have been framed at this point, there’s been no trial, so no one can really say,” Carlson said. “But if I don’t mention the fact that the same man has been arrested for the same crime six times before, am I really informing you? No, I’m not. I’m misleading you.”

Carlson’s show comes as Axios reported earlier this week that Carlson’s allies were ready to launch an attack on Fox News if the network did not allow him out of his contract, which would pay him $20 million per year to keep him on the sidelines until January 2025.

Carlson’s high-profile lawyer, Bryan Freedman, who was also hired by recently sacked CNN co-host Don Lemon, said in a statement: “The idea that anyone is going to silence Tucker and prevent him from speaking to his audience is beyond preposterous.”

According to the story, Carlson has been busy “plotting a media empire of his own” since being sidelined by Fox News, but he is unable to do so unless Fox News releases him from his contract.

Carlson’s shift to Twitter follows Daily Wire anchor Matt Walsh’s departure from YouTube due to censorship.

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