Joe Biden has egg on his face after what he just said about Kamala Harris

kamala harris

Biden and Harris are a failed duo in the White House. But now their relationship is about to be put under even more strain.

And Joe Biden has egg on his face after what he just said about Kamala Harris.

While attending an event at the White House for Black History Month, President Joe Biden had another series of gaffes that brought embarrassment to himself.

First, when discussing Vice President Kamala Harris, he mispronounced her first name.

But after that gaffe, Biden had another embarrassing moment where he awkwardly announced a performance that was about to begin and then had to have his wife, first lady Jill Biden help direct him off stage.

“Alright, we’re gonna walk off here…” Biden said as he mumbled something else and looked toward Jill to make sure he was actually suppose to walk off that part of the stage.

The crowd laughed at his comments, but unfortunately they are too oblivious to realize that the 81-year-old president likely isn’t joking and legitimately needs assistance with leaving the stage.

Another time during the event, Jill Biden was addressing the crowd while her husband was next to her. Once she was finished speaking, she then had to direct Biden again on which way to exit the stage.

“Go out this way,” Jill said to the president as he followed her like a lost puppy.

Finally, as the performance was going on, Biden tried to get people to be quiet, but no one really paid attention to him.

He almost looked as though he was not aware of his surroundings as his eyes were in a blank stare.

Anyone who denies that the president is suffering from cognitive decline is lying to himself.

Biden clearly seemed lost both on and off stage at the White House event.

He can’t even pronounce his partner in crime’s (Kamala Harris) name properly.

At this point, his wife, Jill Biden is basically his handler.

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