Joe Biden has nowhere to hide after making this critical error

joe biden

President Biden and his supporters insist he’s in great mental and physical condition. But without fail, he finds a way to prove them wrong.

And Joe Biden has nowhere to hide after making this critical error.

The last several weeks, Biden has gone around the country to tell everyone how great the failed Inflation Reduction Act is.

Instead of actually reducing inflation, the bill has sent billions of dollars to green energy organizations.

According to the New York Post, “Under the 730-page Inflation Reduction Act ā€“ which the president recently admitted he regrets naming as such ā€“ commit $369 billion to environmental projects, including grants to renewable energy companies and tax breaks for consumers over the span of years.”

But the President still insists on singing the bill’s praises, even if those praises are factually incorrect.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter) late last week, Biden said, “The Inflation Reduction Act is projected to help triple wind power and increase solar power eightfold, while electricity deployed through the U.S. power grid is expected to be powered by 81% clean energy by 2023.”

The problem with that post is that his administration projects the majority of the country’s power to come from clean energy in 2030, not 2023.

Even the President noted that in another post on X just recently.

President Biden also received a fact check from the “community note” feature on the social media platform.

The fact check turned into ammo for his critics, with many using it as a chance to bash the President and his social media team for making yet another embarrassing gaffe.

“It is 2023. And we’re not at 81%. This makes zero sense so I guess you tweeted it yourself…” said Daniel Turner, the founder of Power the Future, a Republican environmental group.

Paul Szypula ā€“ a former New York Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate ā€“ also had this to say about the post on X, “Biden is taking staged selfies like an egomaniac while he brags about ‘clean energy’ ā€“ meanwhile energy prices are through the roof. And there’s nothing clean about solar and wind energy.”

“Their manufacturing creates a lot of pollution. They’re also inconsistent and unreliable.”

Most Americans agree that the 80-year-old President isn’t the one posting from his social media accounts.

But with a glaring error like the one seen in the above X post, there’s wonder if it was actually Joe Biden fumbling around on his phone and hitting send.

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